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Emily is a normal 20 year old girl. Her mom is the new stylist for her favorite band! When she ends up going on tour with them, her life will change forever. When she falls for one of them, someone isn't happy. Someone tries to split them, will it work, or is their love strong enough?


20. Own room!

Emily's P.O.V

  Since I have my new job with One Direction management, I have lots to do. I have to make sure all the boys make their interviews, I have to make sure they make their rehearsals and make sure they don't miss a meeting. I have to plan interviews and keep track of the scheduling. I have to plan meet-n-greets. I have a lot of things to do. Probably more than the boys, ha no but it is almost time for Lindy to come.. Well us to see her. She is already at the hotel. She came about two nights ago. We are about 20 minutes away from the hotel. "Hey give me that!" Niall shouted at Zayn as he took Niall's phone. Zayn threw it to me, I ran into the master room and locked the door. I opened his text messages. He had 106 between him and Lindy. So far today. Oh my goodness. Her contact was saved under: 'Lindy<3'  Like ew gross! I went through recent ones, they sent pictures a lot. Then I came across the conversation...

Niall: Hey babe, so want a room to ourselves?

Lindy<3: Duh? I mean why else am I coming?

Niall: I wish we could meet earlier! I mean I hope you're as good as I hoped.

Lindy<3: I do too! I never want to make a wrong impression on you :(

Niall: you won't your gourgous. We skype again?

Lindy<3: Of course! I want to see you!!!!

Niall: I want to see you too!

Lindy<3: :) <3

Niall: Love you see you on Skype! :) <333 XXXOOOXXXOOO <3

 Oh my gosh. Awe they are cute. Finally she finds someone who cares about her. Are they dating? Niall got all fancy tonight!! We were all going out to eat anyways, but the way he got dressed is super fancy ;)

I opened the door, and Niall was waiting for his phone. I smiled. "Liked your covo's!" I said. He smiled and went on texting her. "May I see how you look?" A voice asked behind me. I turned and saw Louis. Harry was by him. He was in a tux white shirt and suspenders, (sexy!!) and some black dress pants. He did his hair so cute. He looked adorable...when doesn't he though? Harry was wearing a nice black dress jacket and a white tee, and some black dress pants. Liam was wearing some dress pants and a black shirt, it was cute!! Zayn had a tux shirt, black dress pants and his quiff. Niall had a black dress everything! He looked fancy! Let's say. I was wearing a black short dress, hair curled and make up and some black heels. "You look absoultly stunning." Harry smiled. I hugged him. "Same." I replied. "Heart breaking!" Louis added. "Beautiful!" Zayn quickly added. "Lovely, amazing!" Liam said. I blushed with the compliments. Then the bus stopped we were at the hotel. "We are here. Do I look ok?" Niall asked me. "Of course!!" I replied as we grabbed our things and walked through the crowd to the hotel. There were lots!! I mean Lots of screaming girls out there. We made it to the lobby of the beautiful hotel. "Emily!!" A familiar voice yelled. "Lindy!!" I yelled, Liam grabbed my bag as Lindy and I raced for eachother. We met in the middle for a hug. She was in tears, as was I. Then the boys walked over to us. "I've missed you!!!" I cried. She laughed. Then we fixed our make-up. "Lindy this is Harry. Zayn. Liam. Niall and Louis." I said. "Boys this is my bestfriend. Lindy!!" I smiled, Niall looked as if he was in love. Her long black hair was perfectly straight. It flowed down her back. Her make-up was perfect. She was wearing a small black dress with a white bow on it with black heels. As we were both smiling, Louis grabbed my sides. He held his big hands on my side for a while. Niall walked over to Lindy, we all watched. "Hi." He said as they both blushed. "How are you?" He asked her. She looked in his eyes, I could tell they were in love. "Good. Feeling great...actually." She looked down. "You look amazing." Niall said. "Thanks, you too!" Lindy said to him. "Ok, love birds can we put these bags away? Then go to dinner?" Zayn asked. We smiled and everyone nodded.

  As we all walked up the steps, Lindy and I were walking attached to each other. The boys behind us. Then we walked to our floor. "We have a floor to ourselves?" I asked. They laughed. "Niall told me to.. I.." Lindy trailed off. "It's ok love." Niall said. "It's the floor with the big rooms. They only have about 5 rooms." He smiled. "6 mate." Liam smiled. Lindy laughed. "Who sleeps where?" Harry asked. "Why don't we get our own room? Then the girls have their own?" Liam suggested, Lindy and I clinged arms. "Why don't Lindy and Niall have a room while Emily and I have a room?" Louis asked. I smiled. He walked over to me, I let go of Lindy while walking over to Louis. "Hold on please." I asked everyone. "Please for tonight. Lindy and I share a room. To catch up?" I asked. "Hey, why don't we do what Louis suggested?" Lindy asked. "Uh...ok?" I asked her. "Well..." She looked at me and smiled. I laughed. "Well, let's go unpack!!" Louis smiled. He grabbed my hand and led me to the room with a sign on it saying: '1D artist' I smiled as he opened the door. Inside the room was huge. There was a big living room and a big room master room. "Hey babe. Finally a room to ourselves!" Louis smiled at me. I smiled. "Can we eat first?" I asked. "Well we have about 20 mins. before our reservations..." He bit his lip. He walked me over to the couch and laid me down. He laid next to me. "I can't wait for tonight!!" He smiled. "Well. Tonight yo have a concert. Remember?" I asked. He smiled and laughed. "Yeah." He rolled me over and held his lips against mine. "Awe!!" I heard. I pulled away. Liam,Zayn and Lindy and Harry and Niall were about us. It was awkward...but that was ok!

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