I would...

Emily is a normal 20 year old girl. Her mom is the new stylist for her favorite band! When she ends up going on tour with them, her life will change forever. When she falls for one of them, someone isn't happy. Someone tries to split them, will it work, or is their love strong enough?


39. Nothing?

Emily's P.O.V

I was sitting on the couch thing with 5 very nice boys. They told be about a crash and I was dating a popstar. I totally don'y remember anything. They are so happy and nice and funny. They keep telling me stories about myself and what I did. I seemed so...care free and loving life. I know that..Uh that's his name?? Harry, can't stand it. He says it's so hard...But I can't help it. I mean I am sure these boys are really good, but I can't remember...I mean I didn't forget everything. I mean, I remember myself as a baby. I remember my dad when I was small. I mean little things. I remember L.A faintly. But non of this famous stuff. Like recent things I can't even pick out. Nothing rings a bell...

"What do you wanna watch?" Uh...the cute Irish blonde one? Liam, no Niall. (Sorry can't remember names that well) "Um, doesn't matter! Hey, let me look!" I smiled. I walked to the drawer of the movies. I saw a "One Direction Tour DVD" "This one!" I smiled. Harry nodded. It's weird, I am suppose to be dating the guy Harry but he doesn't look like he even likes me. I mean...What's his name? Louis, likes me. I mean, sometimes he makes me laugh. But I don't know.


After watching the movie, I was a...Uh...Directioner. They were so cute and good. "Oh my gosh. That's so cute!" I giggled sitting so close to the T.V. "So, does that bring back any memories?" Harry asked me. I sighed. "I am so sorry. Maybe this was fate. Maybe I was suppose to have a reset...Maybe I was suppose to fix something?" I asked. "Did I make a mistake?" I asked them. Louis sighed. "Yes." He got up and walked to this bunk. Harry got mad and cupped his hands in his face. "Guys, can Harry and I have some alone time?" I asked them. Harry smiled. They all walked away. Harry looked at me. "I can't do this." He said with tears streaming down his face. "What?" I asked. "You. I can't help but know I have to win you back again." He cried to me. I paused. "I am so sorry...I mean any girl would be lucky to have you...Maybe if we talk we can be close again. Maybe that will jog my memory?" I asked sitting criss-cross styles next to him. He smiled showing his dimples.


Harry told me everything about him. I mean I told him what I cold remember. He had an amazing life and he was so funny. We were laughing on the couch, when Louis walks out. "Hi Louis!" I smile. He nods at me. I walked over to him leaving Harry on the couch. Louis was in the kitchen. He was so cute. His eyes were so pretty!! "Hey!" I smiled stanindg behind him. "Louis? What happened between us?" I asked him. He licked his lips. "We broke up. Then Harry grabbed you. I mean obviously you love him." He said choking on his words. I smiled. "You know, maybe this happened for..us?" I smiled walking close to him. He blushed. "No. You're Harry's." He said stepping backwards. "I don't remember that!" I smiled. I pressed my body against his. "You know you want to!" I twirled his hair. There was a spark in his eyes, something inside him broke. I was driving him crazy. He picked me up, slammed me against the wall and pressed his lips against mine. I pulled away. There wasn't anything there. I mean, there was a kiss, but not a spark. Not a single firework! WTF? I thought I liked him..


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