I would...

Emily is a normal 20 year old girl. Her mom is the new stylist for her favorite band! When she ends up going on tour with them, her life will change forever. When she falls for one of them, someone isn't happy. Someone tries to split them, will it work, or is their love strong enough?


18. My sister.

Emily's P.O.V

 I held onto Louis very tight, never wanting to let go! Then his phone went off. He grabbed my hand, looking at his phone. I smiled as I looked at him. "We have to go!" He said. "Where?" I asked; "The bus my dear." He smiled at me. Then he grabbed my waist, and walked with me. "Tag!" I yelled while running away from him. I raced down the little street. I stopped at the little corner to wait for him. I looked back and I looked for him. I didn't see him. "Tag." Someone whispered in my ear. I turned and it was Louis. "How did you get here?" I asked him. "My mom would take me to this town for vacations and such." He smiled. "Well, we better be getting back." Louis smiled. He picked me up fireman style; over his shoulder. I laughed, this was good.

   Finally he set me down, and we were at the tour bus. He opened the door for me. "I am glad we have each other." Louis smiled and leaned into kiss me. "Get in here!" Zayn cried pulling us inside. "What?" Louis said slamming the door, behind us. "Pap's they are crawling tonight!" He said, sitting down; "thank goodness we were leaving now!" I said. I walked to the kitchen, and picked some food out. "Wanna make us something?" Louis asked. "Why?" I asked. "I want you too!!! Please we are hungary. I'll help you!" He said running for the kitchen. He jumped towards me, he grabbed my sides. He crashed his lips into mine. There was so much passion for him there. Then I pulled away, I looked into his eyes, they were georgous. "Your lips are so kissable." I smiled. "And his carrooottt is so kissable too!" Harry called from his bunk. "NO!" I shouted. "So it's not kissable!" Niall asked. "Shut up!" I started to blush as they teased me about it. "Boys, boys..tonights she gets to taste the candy." Louis teased. "Louis. Stop. Go away." I said pushing him out of the kitchen. "Oh come on on babe, you know I was joking." I looked at him. "Well, it wasn't funny." I said turning to bring the food out to the counter. "Well...We all laughed." Harry said. I gave him the death stare. "You guys don't understand. Ok. Just don't joke about that. Ok?" I asked. "Can I help you babe?" Louis asked me. "No." I said. I turned the stove thing on. (Don't know what it is since it's on a bus. RV Thing) "What are we having." Zayn asked. "Tacos." I said. He looked down.

  I was almost done with making dinner when I saw Louis walk to his bunk and close his curtain. I felt bad for being snippy earlier. "Liam, can you finish this off?" I asked him. "Sure thing babe." He said walking to finish up. I walked to the bunk, I pulled on his curtain. "Louis..It's Em." I whispered. I heard him shuffle around. Then he opened the curtain, he smiled as he saw my face. "Come here." I said pulling onto his hand. "Where?" He asked, I smiled and pulled him down. I walked to the living room. "Guys...I need to tell you something." I said sitting on the couch. Louis say downt hen I on his lap. They all looked at me and smiled. "Well, first I am sorry for being a brat earlier when you were just trying to be and have fun. I am so sorry! Just this Thursday...." I tried to hold my tears back. "Is the day my little sister was kidnapped, raped and killed. She was taken that day..She was walking home from school and she got abducted. She was only 11. This was 7 years ago. We searched for a year and a half. We knew she was dead...but didn't stop trying. One christmas eve..My birthday she was set at night face down...dead in our yard. She was only 12 then. She...She was only 2 years younger than I....This Thursday is when she was abducted 7 years ago. I get snotty and bratty around this time, well beacuse I feel as if it's my fault. I told her to walk home nothing would happen. I fell I should have walked with her. I don't knwo!" I sobbed. The boys were wide eyed. "I had no idea." Louis said hugging me. "What was her name?" Zayn asked. "Elizabeth" I said, holding back my tears. "Isn't that your middle name?" Niall asked me. "The year we found her dead I changed it to her name, for her. My real middle name was Hazeel. Emily Hazeel Jepps." I said. He smiled. "Sounds like you're a great big sister." Harry smiled at me. "I try not to think about it. Just being called your guys's little sister has me thinking about her a lot more." I said. Louis was in tears as well as Liam. "I am so sorry for you!" Zayn said, with a shakey voice. I smiled. "It's ok. I mean it's now like something I feel totally bad about, at least I know she isn't out there anymore. She is somewhere better now. That's all I could ever ask she is at least isn't suffering this pain from that. I mean I've seen girls not be able to recover from things like that. I just know she is ok now." I said. "I can't believe how calm you are about this. Like you can't cry." Niall said. "Well I've been through a lot more than just my sister. But let's not talk about it." I smiled. They nodded. I actually felt better telling them about my sister. I mean now they know a lot more about me.

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