I would...

Emily is a normal 20 year old girl. Her mom is the new stylist for her favorite band! When she ends up going on tour with them, her life will change forever. When she falls for one of them, someone isn't happy. Someone tries to split them, will it work, or is their love strong enough?


15. Made him mad. Wait what?

Emily's P.O.V

 Louis was looking down. "What?" I asked. "I asked Eleanor out again." He said. I stepped back. "You what?" I asked. "I asked Eleanor out again. If I couldn't be with you...I didn't want to be miserable. So I asked her out again. She said..." He went quiet. "What. What did she say?" I asked him. "Yes." I froze. "You...Why? I...I don't understand. You say you want me. Then you go off with Eleanor?" I cried. "I asked her out, I still love you, way more than her! I didn't think we could ever be together. So I went with her." He looked at me. "I didn't live right, not normal. I suffered for weeks and you are happy go getting, with Eleanor. Am I right? Thanks. I waited for you. I waited for the moment we could be together again. Now that will never happen." I said, tears formed, I wiped them away. "Don't cry." He said. "I won't..not for you at least." I can't believe he did this. "You know, you hurt me really bad!" I cried. I walked out of his dressing room. "Emily wait!" He yelled. "Too late for waiting. Why should I wait! If you can't wait, then I won't either!" I yelled back. I ran down the hall. I couldn't stop the tears from splashing down. "Emily, I will break up with her for you!" I heard him yell. "Why bother?" I yelled. I ran outside the stadium. I saw Zayn walking towards the doors. I jumped in his arms. "What's wrong lil baby?" He asked holding me. "Louis...He is with Eleanor!" I yelped. "Why? What!?" He shouted. "I can't believe he would do this to me. I feel bad for even talking to him again." I sobbed in his shirt. "You smell of girls and sweat!" I laughed. "Oh hush!" He giggled. "Why would he go out with Eleanor?" He asked me. I shurgged my shoulders. "I was just here to get you." He smiled.

  We walked into the tour bus. "Well, that doesn't look like Louis and Emily...Now does it?" Liam teased. I walked to my bunk, which by the way I have a white and teal curtain. (Thanks Louis) I laid down in my bunk and covered up. I wasn't in the mood. Then I heard my curtain open and I got pushed against the wall. I turned over to see if it was Niall or Zayn, they would do this to me. It was Zayn. "Hello there." He smiled.  "Wanna make him jealous?" Zayn asked. "Zayn ... I would but I'm not a slut. I am not bouncing from one guy to another." I smiled. "No tonight...On my bunk we bouce the bed and make noises." He laughed. "What?" I cried. He laughed. "I'm just playing. No really you wanna make him jealous. He doesn't deserve to do this to you." I thought about it. He doesn't I want him to feel what it's like to be without me. "Ok. Zayn will you be my 'boyfriend'?" I asked. He smiled. "I will be flattered. "Ony for Louis though...Ok?" He asked. I smiled.."Only for Louis. Unless you fall for me." I laughed. "Uh huh..Me fall for you. Phff!" He smiled. Then we heard Louis walk in. "Ready for the big scene?" He asked me. I laughed, "Come on!" I hopped over him and to the hall. I pulled him down. I laid him on the floor. I got on top of him, spreading my legs out and laying on him. Then I heard Louis walk closer. "Put your hands on me like you want it!" I snapped. He smiled. "Yes sir!" He whispered. He slid his hands on my bum, holding me, may I remind you we are laying in the middle of the little hall way by everyone's bunk. So this should be good. I leaned over on Zayn and then..."WHAT THE HELL!!" Louis shouted. "Oh..sorry are we in your way. Maybe we should take this to the bunk?" I asked Zayn. I tried not to laugh, it was hilarious! "Master room?" He asked me. I nodded. I got up real slow, grabbing Zayn's hand. I slid his hand on my waist, and pressed real close to him, watching Louis's face was the best part. He was tensing his jaw, and getting mad. "C'mon. Let's have some fun after your long concert." I bit my lip. I tried my hardest to not laugh. Zayn slapped my butt, I almost slapped him, but held it in. Louis's mouth opened. "Wowza!" Harry cried from the living room. . "Have a good night sleep Louis. Hope we don't keep you awake." I winked at him as I pulled Zayn into the room, I tried my hardest to not laugh. I slammed my face into the couch cusion and laughed. I was in so much pain from not laughing it was horrible. Zayn was doing the same. After we stopped laughing I looked at him. "You know. If you ever slap my ass again. You are getting slapped." He smiled. "Fair enough." I smiled. "That was great. Hold on. I wanna hear what he is going to do if I say this." I smiled at Zayn. "Say what?" He asked. "This." "UH, UH, Noo Not there Zayn. I...I can't take it. You're so big. Uhhh. Don't stop. Uhhh!" I yelled. Zayn cracked up. Louis popped the door wide open. "GET THE FUCK OFF MY GIRL MALIK!" He yelled. Then he saw us. Sitting on the floor doing nothing. Clothes on. Everything. "What the hell?" He asked. "What?" I smiled. "You two..were. He was so big. I...I'm confused." He said. I got up. "I am dating Zayn." I smiled. "WHAT!" He cried. "Why would you care mate?" Zayn asked. "I mean you do have a girlfriend. Don't you?" He asked. "Don't YOU have a girlfriend?" He asked Zayn. Shit I forgot about Perrie. "We broke up. I am with Emily now." He grabbed my waist. I smiled. "Are you mad?" I asked. "Uh...Phh. Yeah!" Louis smiled. "Well, have a good relationship..." He walked off. He said he was mad. I did it. I made him mad! Wait what?

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