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Emily is a normal 20 year old girl. Her mom is the new stylist for her favorite band! When she ends up going on tour with them, her life will change forever. When she falls for one of them, someone isn't happy. Someone tries to split them, will it work, or is their love strong enough?


19. Lindy

Louis's P.O.V

  Emily just told us about her sister. She told us before she was an only child, her sister was abducted. I can't believe she had to deal with that and she said she went through more than just that! What? I cried as she told me the story. I felt like she wasn't expressing herself. I felt her breathing hard as she was telling the story. "Hey, so in all seriousness. When can we...?" I winked at her. "Well I am feeling a little...hot right now!" She smiled at me. "Hey sex buddies look here. You guys are on camera!" Harry said, I looked at the T.V screen. Emily and I were holding hands and we almost kissed. That is when Zayn pulled us in. Their caption says: 1D little sister has a 'thing' for Louis. She better watch what happeneds. She doesn't want to get herself into anything she doesn't want. Also check her out with Harry. Instead of 1D little sister, how about 1D little slut!

  How can they call her a slut? They don't even know anything! How can they do this, is it even legal? Why do they have to target us? I looked at Emily who was tearing up. "Hey you ok?" I asked her. "Yeah, do you have your laptop here?" She asked me I nodded. I got up and walked her to the bunk and grabbed it. "Thanks, can I use it here?" I nodded. "Have fun love." I kissed her on the cheek. I didn't want to make it worse. I didn't know what she was going to do. That was ok. I didn't know what to do? Tell Paul about it? Tell anyone this was happening?

   Emily's P.O.V

 I didn't want to cry in front of the boys. They called me a slut. They called me a slut. Why? What did I ever do to them? I got on Louis's laptop and opened Skype.  My friend Lindy was on. I was so happy. She was there for me when I had gone through some tough things. I called her. Then I saw her face. She was in a Pink jacket and grey sweats. Her black hair in a messy bun. She had no make-up on. "EMILY!!" She yelled. "Lindy!" I said. "How are you? Oh my gosh! I haven't seen you around lately! Who's Skype account is this?" She kept asking questions. I told her about my moms job and about the whole Louis thing. I told her about the tour and telling them about Elizabeth. She didn't believe me. "NO way! 1D Not possible!" She cried. I picked the laptop up and walked to the living room. I set it on the little counter thing. "Guys, meet my friend. Lindy." I said as they all walk over. She was so stunned. Then Louis walked over. "Hey babe." Then he kissed me. "Wow!" She cried. I laughed. "This is my old friend that is like a sister to me." I told them. "So you like 1D?" Niall asked. "YES!" She yelled. "Ha. Well wanna talk?" Niall asked her. She almost died. Niall was her favorite, then Harry. It was funny to see her this happy. "Can I skype her? Now on this?" He asked me and Louis. We nodded then began kissing again. It was perfect. When Louis and I kissed it felt like fireworks!! We both pulled away. "Don't listen to the pap. ok?" He asked me. I nodded and hugged him. "Wanna watch something?" He asked, "Can we watch the Toy Story movies, they are my favorite." I asked. "Well I know we have them." He laughed while looking at Liam. "I favor for those movies." Liam jumped. I smiled.

   We were in the middle of the second movie when I remembered Niall. "Niall!" I quietly said. Louis smiled then jumped up, I walked to the master room where he was. "Niall?" I asked him. He was still on Skype with Lindy. "Hold on." He said, he muted our side. "I think she is great!" He smiled. "You do?" I asked him. "Totally! I mean she is gourgous! She is stunning." His smile was the biggest I've ever seen. "Ok...this isn't even her on a good day. This is one of her worst days!" I said. "I will die when I see her on a good day then!" He laughed. Then he unmuted her. "Hey Lindy..why don't you come see them perform here?" I asked her. Her face lit up so much. "That would be great!!! Where would I stay though?" She asked, with awkwardness in her voice. "We are going to this city, where we stay and due 3 shows there so we get a hotel. Why doesn't she come then?" Niall asked with a smile. "Well sounds good, text me the dates and such." She said looking at Niall. "Ok, well it's in about 4 concerts." Niall said. "about 5 days." I translated to her. She smiled and nodded. "So I should be flying there now?" She asked. I was done with this conversation! I walked to the door. I turned back to Niall and tell him something. "Niall don't forget you have an interview tomorrow at 10. Bye Lindy. Love ya! See you soon!" "Love you too Emma! Muahh!" She said back. Then someone grabbed my waist. I screamed. "It's only me babe!" I turned because it surely didn't sound like Louis. It was Liam. "Liam!" I cried, he laughed and smiled, "Louis is right behind me." He warned me. I nodded. Then he moved, and I saw Louis. "Are you ready?" He asked. "For?" I asked. "My carrot?" He asked. He shut the master room door and walked to the bunks, he helped me in his. "Ok. So don't scream too loud. We don't want to wake the boys!" He laughed. "Who is asleep?" I asked "Uh, Harry and Zayn. Nah I'm just kidding." He smiled. I lauhged. "I wish we would stop at a hotel right now! I wish we could be together!!!" He smiled. "We are together." I smiled. "You know what I mean babe!" He laughed. "I'm hot, can I take my shirt off?" I asked. He smiled, "Of course. Don't have to ask for that." I smiled and went to take my shirt off, when Niall opened the curtain. "Oh my gosh!" He yelled. I quickly got the curtain and closed it. "I'm so sorry!" He said. I laughed.  I took my shirt off leaving me in my lace pink and white bra from Victoria Secret. I jumped from Louis's bunk. "Don't!" Louis said trying to stop me. "Stop." I said I slipped my pants off as well being only in matching panties and bra. "What are you doing?" He asked. "Ok, you get 10 seconds. Gawk and awe at everything. Take one look and this is it. Ok. No more worrying about seeing me naked. Here it is all right here." I said standing in the bunk hall. "Oh my." Harry whistled. The boys all of them looked at me. "10...9...8...7..." I smiled, they thought it was a joke, even Louis was smiling and joking. "You have a nice bum!" Harry complimented me. I laughed. "Thanks." "1..0. She's mine now!" Louis said pushing us both into my bunk. He closed the curtain. "Hey since you're already down like that." "No...at the hotel. Can you wait?" I teased. He smiled at me, with his blue eyes shining from the dim light. He cuddled with me, it felt wrong for being that exposed, but some how I didn't mind with him...With him...it felt...Perfect!

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