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Emily is a normal 20 year old girl. Her mom is the new stylist for her favorite band! When she ends up going on tour with them, her life will change forever. When she falls for one of them, someone isn't happy. Someone tries to split them, will it work, or is their love strong enough?


5. Laser Tag

Louis's P.O.V

  I have spent the past week with Emily. She fits in so well. She is all of our bestfriends. She has all of our personalitilys inside her. I think I fell for her. No. I did fall. Well she didn't want anything so soon. She slept in Zayn's room. I didn't mind, he didn't like ehr. Harry did. Well in 2 days is our birthday. I was going to ask her out then. I wanted her before the tour. Right now we are doing interviews all day. She applied for a management job, she doesn't know yet. I wish she worked with us. It would be so cool!! Her mom checks on us once in a while. I know everything about her. She tells me everything. I wish she would have said yes!!

  Emily's P.O.V

 I was outside in the snow, I was waiting for the boys to be home. I was taking pictures of myself to send to friends, that I left in Florida. I missed them. I mean I left no warning. I sometimes wished they were here. But I know I can't go back. I was going to be 20 in two days!! I was so excited. I have grown so fond of these 5 goofs. They were like my brothers, the only one dot was Louis. There was more between us then just brotherhood. There was a spark, something. Lately the boys went out a lot, leaving me alone, so I applied for a job...With 1D. I didn't know about the job yet. Liam wants me to meet Danielle, Zayn wants me to meet Perrie. He says Perrie and I have so much in common. So does Liam. Well either way, it would be good to have a friend, to hang with when the boys are gone!! Just then their car pulled up. They parked and the boys got out. I ran up to them, I hugged Liam. "LEEEEYYUMM!" I cried, "EEEEEEMMMMIILEEE!!" HE yelled. I giggled then moved to Niall. "AAYYEE SEXXYY LADDYY!" I laughed. He echoed back. I died. Then I ran up to Zayn. "BRADFORDD BADDBOII!!!" I yelled running in his arms. I think I really rew afast friendship with Zayn and Niall. "BRADFORDD BADD GIRLLL!" He shouted. He stuck his tounge out at me, I ran up to Harry. "Hey sexy. Wanna come inside and pet my pillow?" I randomly said. He giggled. "You know, I only like chocolate chips in my cookies!!" He laughed. We always have a random coversation. Only we understood. I walked up to Louis. "Heyyy!" I smiled. He hugged me. His colonge, was toxic. "Hey love, how are you?" He asked. I smiled. "Making christams cards!!" I sighed. "You little artist." He smiled. "YEAH SHE IS LIKE ME!!" Zayn shouted. Then I looked at Louis. "What are we doing today?" I asked. He smiled. "What do you want to do?" He asked me."LASER TAGG!" I shouted. "YES PERFECT!!" HE shouted. "Ok, are you ready, we could just go now!" Niall asked me. I nodded. "Yupp!" I laughed. "Ok, let's go!" Harry said, running for the car. He always smiled when he ran. I walked with Louis to the car. I was wearing some black skinny jeans with some furry boots, and a cute white sweater with black hearts on it. It was cute, and a whit undertop. I had a black beanie on as well. We all piled in the car. "Where is the place?" Zayn asked. Harry was driving. Louis gave them directions. We decided teams in the car. Me and Zayn and Niall against Louis, Liam and Harry. Perfect, teams were even.

  We got to the laser tag place and girls were there. Everywhere we went girls were. Niall probably tweeted: Going to play Laser tag! Or something. I couldn't balme him it sometimes ruined it. I mean their fans are incredible but sometimes they can be too crazy!! We parked and walked in, Louis payed for the game. They gave us a ticket and we had to wait. There was a game room, so of course that is where we waited. Louis stuck by my side the whole side, it was so cute. We acted like a couple. "Emily, you are so cute!" He said. I pulled my phone out. My lock screen was of Zayn and I making funny faces, I unlocked my phone and that screen was of Niall, Liam and I making funny faces. I put it on camera and posed by Louis, He smiled and did as well. I snapped it. He looked at me. "Amazing." I posted it to Twitter. The caption was : With the most amazing person ever <33

 He favorited it. I smiled when he pulled his phone out, his lock screen was of me and Harry and Liam when we photo bombed his phone. His other screen was of me when I sent him a pic of me in his jacket at the house. He got on Twitter and tweeted a bunch of random tweets.  Then our ticket number was called and we all rushed to the opening doors, where you played was an open area of 3 stories, it was awesome! Louis had his arm around me the whole time. The guy explained the rules to us. Then told us to pick teams. Zayn pulled my arm. "She is with us Tomlinson! Let go of her for a second!" He teased I was inbetween Zayn and Niall. I felt short. "Got you!" Harry smiled. I nodded. "I'm gonna kill you Styles!" I laughed. "These aren't real guns are they?" Niall teased me. I pushed him. Then he told us to start. They all ran off. I wasn't paying attention... I didn't know what to do. It was dark and there were a bunch of hiding places. Then I saw Zayn, I ran towards him. I hugged him. "I don't know what to do!" I laughed.

   After an intense half hour of playing Laser tag our team won. 209 to 147. Oh yeah. As soon as we took off the packs Louis clinged to my side again. The boys laughed. "Can we go home?" Zayn asked. I smiled. "Party pooper!" I said punching him playfully. He laughed.

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