I would...

Emily is a normal 20 year old girl. Her mom is the new stylist for her favorite band! When she ends up going on tour with them, her life will change forever. When she falls for one of them, someone isn't happy. Someone tries to split them, will it work, or is their love strong enough?


4. His crush??

Emily's P.O.V

  After hours of playing games, our bags were dropped off and we were all tired. We were all on the couch watching something. "Is anyone else hungry?" Niall asked. I popped up. "ME!" He laughed. It was getting late there. "Dinner!" Louis shouted. "I can make it!" Liam suggested. "No let's order out!" I asked. I walked over to Louis, and looked his in the eyes with my puppy dog face. He smiled. "Ok. Order out it is." He Laughed. "What do you want?" Niall asked. "Na-" He cut me off. "Got it!" He raced for his phone, well ok then. I smiled. I walked to the kitchen, to get something to drink. I was looking in the fridge when someone had their arms around my waist, a shiver went down my body. I turned around, it was Louis. "I-" He shushed me. "Don't talk. Just look at me." He said. What was he talking about? He studied me, from head to toe. I loved his eyes, his smile. Everything about him. He was the one I had a crush on. But I knew he didn't like me. I just felt my heart race whenever I was with him. "Hey, so who do you have a crush on?" He asked me. I bit my lip. "No one..." I smiled. He leaned his forehead against mine. "Mhhmm?" He laughed. "Well....If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret. Now would it?" I teased. He pulled me closer to him, to his warm body. "Uhhmmmhh." Someone coughed out. It was Zayn, he was smiling. He walked over to us. "Don't let Paul see you two." He said. "It's ok. I don't care anyways. After she is on tour with us, she won't be able to go home." Louis added. "Oh, then carry on." He poked me. I smiled. "Anyways..." He smiled. "I have a crush on someone as well." Louis added. "Oh yeah who?" I asked. "Well, let's see. I am not gay...I really wouldn't tell you a girl that you wouldn't know. So there is only one option." He smiled. "Harry is really a girl." I joked. He smiled. "Well...Nah. I just joking. She is cute.  Has hazel eyes and auburn hair. She has 5 new best friends." He smiled. "So me?" I asked. "Of course." He asked. "Well, you're in luck. My crush is....Liam." I smiled. He pulled away. "Just kidding!! It's Louis Tomlinson." I said pulling him back to me, the smile rose on his face again. "Hmpf. He must be a lucky guy then? Huh?" He leaned over to me as if to kiss me. Then I pulled away. "What?" He whispered. "We aren't together, we can't be and I mean...I just met you." I looked down. I felt as if I ruined my chance. "Well, what do you want to know?" He asked. "I'm an open book." He added. "Can we just take this down a bit?" I asked. "Totally respect that!!" He laughed. "By the way I don't have auburn hair! I am not a redhead!!" I said. He laughed. "Ok, brown hair but when it shines, it has a hint of red." He laughed out. "You in only about a week it's your birthday."He teased. "You know what I want for my birthday?" I asked. He looked at me. I just smiled. I wanted him. Only him.

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