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Emily is a normal 20 year old girl. Her mom is the new stylist for her favorite band! When she ends up going on tour with them, her life will change forever. When she falls for one of them, someone isn't happy. Someone tries to split them, will it work, or is their love strong enough?


22. Concert girls.

Emily's P.O.V

   I took this night off, so Lindy and I could go to their concert. Tonight Niall was going to ask Lindy out on stage. They were going to call us on stage, it would be super cute!! He likes her a lot! They skype allllll the time before she got here. It was so funny. We were all in Harry's Suite. "Hey boys, so what are we going to do after the concert?" Zayn asked. They all shook their heads.  I was in black sweat pants and a loose white shirt and my hair up. I took a shower as soon as we got home and took all my make up off. I was going to get ready for their concert. It was 6:30 pm. Fuck! Then my mom texted me.

Mom: Where are the boys they need to be here and hour before show. They need to be here. Just saying, so Paul won't get mad. Make sure they are here!

Mom: It's 6:30 they better be here in 30 minutes. If not your gonna get it.

Mom: Hello!! Emily Elizabeth!!! Anwser me!


"Boys, I have to get you to the stage. My mom is freaking out!" I said, they smiled and looked at me. "Ok." They agreed. I didn't think it would be that easy. "Oh, we got you these." Louis pulled out a bag. He handed me a huge bage and Lindy a huge bag. "Niall and I went shopping. While we were suppose to be 'working'." He smiled. I laughed. I opened the bag, there was a shirt that said. 'Emily loves Louis<3' Then on the back it says 'Mrs.Tomlinson' Then I have fake tattoos of 1D ramdomness. Then there is a necklace that has 'Louis<3' all over it. There is nail polish. (Red white and blue...For their flag) There is face paint. I laugh and hug him. "Thanks babe." I kiss his cheek. Lindy has pretty much the same, just about Niall. She blushes as she opens it. "Ok, well we will wear them tonight. We have front row seats and we are giving out backstage passes to girls. Ok?" I told Lindy. "I have to go, get ready and things while I run them to the stage it's like 10 minutes away from here." I told her. "Ok." She said as the boys and I walked out of the door.

  I was driving the large car to the stage. I never realized how loud the boys actually are when I am trying to focus. I parked in the park way. Girls were already there. They were lined up screaming. I walked by Louis, his arm around my waist. His fans saw us as we walked up to the crowd. They screamed. Some girls asked for pics and autographs but we pushed through them and went inside. We rushed to the dressing rooms. I saw my mom. "Hey! Emily!" She called out. I pushed the boys to their rooms as they closed the door to get ready. "Hi mom." I said hugging her. "Hey, so for their next interview? Is that tomorrow?" She asked. "Uh...I don't know. I have the calender at home, I will email to you." I said trying to rush. "Are you running the meet-n-greet?" She asked. "No I have the night off! Didn't you see the changed schedule? I told everyone. Well. I have to go Lindy is waiting at the hotel." I said rushing off. Then as I turned the corner to leave I ran into Paul. "Emily!" He smiled. "Hey Paul." I said. "Hey so the meet-n-greet? Who is running it?" He asked. "I gave you the list! I...I don't know. You??" I said walking away. "Hey, so you and the girl handing the passes out tonight?" He asked me. I nodded. "Here they are!" He tossed them to me. There must have been 50. I smiled. "Thanks." I smiled as I walked outside. I was ahead of schedule. It was 6:45pm. There were lots of girls. I pushed through them. I walked past the big crowd and to the car. There was a small group of girls. "Hey EMILY!!" They shouted. I turned. How did they know my name? I looked at them. "Uh, hi." I said as they walked up to me. "Can we get your autograph?" One girl asked. "Mine?" I asked them. "Yes! You are Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend. YOu make him happy so we are happy!" Another girl added. I smiled. "Sure." There was 5 of them. Each of them were dressed as the boys, one in a polo one in a checkard shirt one in stripes and one in a varsity jacket and one in a dress jacket and a hanky in the pocket. I smiled. "You're outfits are super cute. Here." I said handing them a backstage meet-n-greet pass. They were so happy. They all hugged me. I laughed. "Thanks!!" They shouted. I got in my car as they left. It was now 7 pm after I talked to them for a while. So now I have 45 passes. That was cool!

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