What I'm Not Thankful For...

*Be Thankful Competition* This is a small piece consisting of 500, explaining the one thing I am not thankful for; my sisters epilepsy. Its a painful thing having to endure your sister going through pain and brain damage every time she has a fit.


1. I am not thankful for...


As we all know Thanksgiving is a day where we celebrate the things we are thankful for. In my case, I am thankful for having loving and caring family and friends, nice house to live in, good education and of course chocolate. However, we never think about the things we are not thankful for; the things that we could do without in our lives. Well, let me tell you what I am not thankful for.

First of all I am not thankful for the epilepsy my little sister has. It kills to think that a little girl the age of three could be diagnosed with such a horrible disorder, which is going to be with her for a life time. Only a very rare amount has managed to overcome epilepsy, and I pray my sister will be one of them. It all started with stupid doctor that gave her double the dose of a particular injection that put the risk of copper in her blood very high. Ever since then she has never been the same.

The way she looks when she has her fits, makes me shrivel up and cry. Her glassy eyes go wide and her pupils go large. Her teeth become clenched together, while the saliva builds up into foam and drips out of her mouth. Her stiff legs would twitch every few second and her breathing would get heavier and heavier. The rest of her body would lay motionless and limp. We would call her name, in hopes she would come out of her fit, but as always, it’s no use.

When she comes out of her trance, she cries. Thick tears that brimmed in her eyes come rolling down her rosy cheeks. The loud cries that leave her mouth stab me in the heart. It hurts real bad to see your own little sister cry out of pain. Sometimes I wish I could just help her, but I know very well I am helpless. She looks at me with those big brown eyes, pleading for help. It just shatters my heart. There’s nothing I can do. I try and comfort her, but she pushes me away.

I understand this perfectly. Whenever she has a fit, it damages her brain bit by bit. Sometimes she doesn’t remember who I am. My own little sister looks at me as if I am a stranger. I burn in agony, kneeling in front of her and saying my name. After several moments of introducing myself, she realises who I am, and clutches me tight, before let her tears come out again. I wrap my arms around her protectively as she sobs.

I look above me and wish how life would be better if she didn’t have epilepsy. I wished she could be normal just like other children and lead a happy life. Me and her both, could do without this disorder interfering in our lives, and I’m sure many more would agree too. I am no thankful for epilepsy.

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