Last first kiss.

Emmy and Brookie are best friends but they've NEVER kissed before.
They meet nice boys, will their first kiss be their last one?


20. YDKM..

Danielle's P.O.V:

I was gladd that i saw Emmy, she don't desurve all the hate!
Fangirls just hate the grlfriends from their crushes, but we date them so STOP THE HATE!
I'm glad she is gonna be ok, and i'm proud that Li donate that much blood to save Emmy, he is so carefull, glad we are togheter :)

He can preform for 4 months so we decided to take a 4 month vacation for the hole group.
The boys planed this and no one know's it, but i heard them talking about this.
We go to spain because Emmy is spanish.
We have a private house, with 10 bedroom's ( "Rock me" is what i'm gonna hear all night ;) )
"Naughty Danielle" Liam would say if he could read my mind.


Emmy liked her presants, and we all wear dressed for tonight.
Emmy thinks that we go to the concert from the boys, but we go out for dinner and Perrie's gonna say that she become a mommy, that's so cute.
And our "big suprise" is gonna scares her as hell (we're bad people :)

How would it be if Liam and i gets a baby?
Her name would be Emiley i think, because Emmy is very special for Liam, can't wait..!


Emmy's P.O.V:

The presants we're beautiful, and i was really happy that Danielle and Liam are back togheter and that Perrie is gonna be mommy!
But Niall said that Harry have to tell me something, mmmh weird because he's not here..
Maybe he want's to say it after the concert?

We get in the car and then i think how the concert would be... wait.. Liam donate blood to me so he can't preform..
They were lying to me!, but why?
I feel kinda upset but i was also a bit happy because i don't want to tell my story to the paparazi.

We arravide at some fancy restaurant.
As soon as i get out of the car, all the paparazi people came to me and asked me things, i don't wan't to talk to them so i decided to walk to the restaurant, without the girls.
I came in and saw a big round table with a small light, it was dark and i was scared because all the light was out and i was alone.
I walked to the table and saw a chear with my name on it, so i sit and wait.
I waited for like 10 minutes in the dark with only a candle light, it feels like a prank or a horror movie, i was really scared.
I wanted to walk outside but the door was loked..
There was no paparazi and the girls and the car were dissapeard..
I was alone in a fancy restaurant, how could they do this to me..

I grab my phone and start to call Brookie, but she didn't awnser, i tried the other girls but they didn't awnser eather.
I called Niall but on that moment i heard something..
I saw something in the kitchen..
I was scared, so i decided to walk to my chair again.
I saw a letter on the table so i opend it and this makes m even more scared..


"Dear girl in white,
You suposed to have dinner with your friends on this table but if you turn the light on behind you, you will see something else.
Don't be scared, this would happen to you to!
Sincerly, Mr. YDKM"


I turned around and saw the lightbutton, i pressed it on and i slowly trund around to my chair but then....
"AAAAAHHH!!" everyone lays on the table or the ground, dead!!
"Babe it's alright, i'm just hungry so i'm gonna eat your.." i hear Niall saying that but then i stared to cry.
"Omg, babe are you ok? guys we have to stop, it's not funny anymore!"
"Why did you guys do this to me? do you guys hate me to?" i was crying and couldn't stop, what have i done? this is not funny!
"Are i'm this bad? My familly does a really painfull prank, even you Niall.. " I run out of the resaurant, leaving them.
They were all dressed like zombie's and even my own boyfriend hurts me so much with this stupid prank.

I was on my way home, alone, in the dark and if you think that is was bad, i only wear a dress with killing heels and no jacket or something and it was beginning to rain, great..

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