Last first kiss.

Emmy and Brookie are best friends but they've NEVER kissed before.
They meet nice boys, will their first kiss be their last one?


2. The Line.

Brookie's P.O.V:

I still cannot believe what just happend.
3 hours ago i hugged my roll models, and because Em and i are going to the 1D concert we're gonna meet them to.
It's just too much.
And we're gonna see Little Mix, like omg can you just think about that?!

"Em, 5 minutes or i'm gone, without you."
"Brookie pleas, i have the tickets so.. You have to wait until i'm finished my Irish look!" She was so into Niall that she created "Irish looks".
I'm totally into Harry, cause, you know, the curls and his slow voice, it's just perfect and i'm gonna meet him.
"Emmy, i'm leaving and if your not come now, your never gonna meet your man!"
"Ok, ok coming." i heard her heals from the stairs.
Yep that's her Irish look..


"Omg, look at that!"
We saw girls dressed up as spoons, food, carrots, cats and all the bad stuff..
"Em, you know you look like Danielle?"
"Seriously? Well thank you boo."


Emmy's P.O.V:

We're stood in the line but a little girl asked me something.
"Hi Danielle, i know your here for Liam but can i have a picture with you pleas?" she thought i was Dani, how cute?!
"Hi darling, yes i am, and sure you can have a picture, come her babe."
"Danielle, well if you and Liam not gonna marry and not having cute little baby's then you have to date Niall cause i'm sure he will treat you as a princess." that's so cute!
"Thank you beautiful, i will do that!
And if i see the boys i give them a kiss from you ok?"
"Ok, thank you so much, and your beautiful." i huged her one more time and i turned around and saw Paul freaking Higgens!

"Hi Paul, we're Emmy and Brookie and we have backstage passes."
"Hi girls, come with me pleas, o and your Irish look is very cute, Niall would definitely notice you!" 

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