Last first kiss.

Emmy and Brookie are best friends but they've NEVER kissed before.
They meet nice boys, will their first kiss be their last one?


10. The docter.

Docter Phill's P.O.V:

"Is this the family from Emmy?"
"I'm her boyfriend, and these are her best friends" a blond young man said.
"I'm doctor Phill." they al said there names but i can remind me something about a boy here.
"And i'm Liam Payne." Liam Payne.. Ofcourse! When Liam was a kid i was the person how take his blood because he had only one kidney.
"Liam, hi do you remember me?" i asked, he always called me: "Uncle Phillie"
"Uhm n.. UNCLE PHILLIE!!" he screamd.
We huged and i ask some stuff but then Niall asks how Emmy's doing.

"Listen, Emmy is not doing wel, the other docters try to let her breath now but theire is a huge change she die.
She also need more blood, her blood type is AB and i know someone with that blood type so Liam, could you donate some blood to her?"

"Sure, " Liam said.
"Ok come with me" i'll take him to the room to donate some.
"Wait, " Niall said, "Thanks mate, thank you so much" he huged Liam and we're leaving the group.

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