Last first kiss.

Emmy and Brookie are best friends but they've NEVER kissed before.
They meet nice boys, will their first kiss be their last one?


7. Save me!

Niall's P.O.V:

2 weeks ago, when i met this beautifull girl i would knew that this is gonna be Miss Horan and one day she would be caled "Mommy" and i would called "Daddy" by our little sweet kids.
And i think Harry has this feeling too.
Before Brookie cames, Harry slept with many girls but know, Brookie changed our Hazza on a good way and i'm proud on her, on both of them.
I still remember our first vacation togheter, (a week ago).

I got back home from the studio
"Sweetheart, i'm home."
i saw Emmy sitting in the corner of the room.
She didn't react on me, i run to her and asked what was wrong but i saw something on her arm..
"Babe, what is this?" i asked a little worried, it was still bleeding.
I paniced,and carried her outside to my car.
Zayn and Liam came to me and said: "Hi there mate, you forgot your phone so..."
They stop talking when they sam me cry.
"What's wrong!!" Zayn asked me.
"Niall, Zayn go in that freeking car right know!!" Liam say to us.
Zayn's in the front texting Louis, Harry, El, Brookie, Perrie and Danielle that they have to come to the hopsital.
Liam drives as afst as he can, and i sit by Emmy.
I talk to her and suddenly she says: "Niall, i love you.." and she stop breathing.
"No babe pleas stay with me, pleas don't leave me," i screamd.
"Ok where here!" Liam says.
I carried Emmy outside and two docters run to us and grabed Emmy from me.
I was still crying, Zayn and Liam carried me inside and we wait for Louis and Harry..
I was praying that she have to stay alive and the boys joined me, "Lord, pleas let Emmy breath again and take care of her amen"
Louis,Harry,Brookie and Eleanor run to us and we're crying and praying togheter.
Perrie can't come because she was ontour with Little Mix and Danielle can't come eather, she didn't want to see Liam but she prayed for us just like everyone else should do..


Liam's P.O.V:

Emmy was my little sister, how could this happen?
A beautifull girl cut herself almost in to death..
I walked circkels and i feld something in my pocket, it was a note from Emmy..

Look on my twitter with everyone and understand why i cut myself.
I don't know if i'm gonna make it but if i don't make it give this notes to: Niall, Harry, Zayn, Louis, Eleanor, Brookie and Perrie.
I love you all, but i don't know why this happens..
Kisses, your little sister Emiley ALMOST Horan.

I get in her twitter and read all the hate..
"Guys, listen to all this hate" i said.

"Dear slut, stay away from Niall and die, just kill yourself."
"Fat, small pig of that stupid Irish piece of shit"
"Killing yourself is better for all, Niall doesn't like you, he use you! DIE!"
"You think someone would ever love you? Think again little hoe! Never see you again because your gonna comit suicide, slut! bye bitch"

How could they said thise to here?
Everyone starts to cry, and i give everyone the notes Emmy puted in my pocket.

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