Last first kiss.

Emmy and Brookie are best friends but they've NEVER kissed before.
They meet nice boys, will their first kiss be their last one?


17. Morninn'

Emmy's P.O.V:

When i saw that intervieuw from Niall i was deeply in love with him.
"Niall, do you mean all those things you said?"
"Yes, ofcourse honn"
I looked into his beautiful blue eyes and we kissed.
"I love you sweetie" he said
"I love you to my irish prince" i felt asleep on his chest, and he staid with me the whole night, my sweetie.

The next morning i woke up, alone.
I panicked a bit, the door was opend by the nurs: "Goodmorning, your boyfriend just leave to take a shower and get some food and he gonna get his mate's from their houses but i have to give this." she give me some food and i start to read the letter from Niall.


"Goodmorning sunshine,
Your adorable when your asleep and when your awake.
Your so beautiful and i don't know what i have to do if you'd go or something.
Let all the haters hate, don't listen to them.
I love you and i'm not the only one, since we're dating you lost all your friends and family and i'm really sorry about that but you have some great best friends now, right?
Liam is like your big brother.
You have two amazing sisters Brookie and El.
Your buddies Louis, Harry and Zayn.
I come back soon with three suprises for you and two of them you gonna like alot because i know you missed those friends and the other "suprise", well Harry gonna tell you that one.
Just take some rest now and eat enough because tonight we're all  going out for dinner.
I love you dear,
Lots of kisses, Niall."

I was smiling so much that my cheeck's hurt, and three suprises and going out with all my friends, great!
I love them so much, i won't wish for other friends, this is my family now!

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