Last first kiss.

Emmy and Brookie are best friends but they've NEVER kissed before.
They meet nice boys, will their first kiss be their last one?


6. It's getting better, i promise.

Brookie's P.O.V:

I walked to Harry and compliment him with the amazing concert but then i have to say it:

"Hazza, we need to talk.."
"Are you alright babe?"
"Yes i'm fine thanks for asking but Harry listen.."

"Eleanor told me evrything..
About your insecurity, and the bullied and the one-night-stands..
First of all: You don't have to be insecure, your perfect and all the fangirls love you and don't forget your familly: Your mom, dad, sister and everyone else.
Second of all: Everynight another girl is not good, girls have feelings too, you have to stop with that bullshit.
And last: Look at those 4 amazing boys and those 2 girls..
Louis is your bromance, he and the boys would ALWAYS accept you the way you are!
Liam, Zayn and Niall are your brothers, They love you, and they would never stop loveing you!
Eleanor is your bestfriend and sister, she loves you so much, she told me all of this and think that you would stop because you met me.
And Emmy, yes you know her for 2 hours but she loves you like a brother too!
And maybe we are meant to be, but pleas change and tell me now that you love or like me like Niall did by Emmy..
It's getting better, i promise!"

Harry starst to cry and said:
"Brookie, your right but when i'm with these girls i feel, special..
And it's not good, i know but what do i have to do than?
And yes i like you, i like you alot, exatly I love you!
Just like Zayn loves Perrie, Louis loves Eleanor, Niall loves Emmy and Liam still loves Danielle, but it's hard to love someone, for real.
But, could you help me with my confidense?" he said.

"Ofcourse," i huged him
"and it's ok to cry sometimes, but you can alway cry by me, or cuddle with me or whatever you want, i'll be there for you my little curly boy."
He smiled at me and asks me if i wanted to go on a date with him, and i said "ofcourse babe."
He give me a kiss on my cheek and i know that i change Harry, and it feels good to help someone.
It's getting better sweetheart, i promise.

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