Last first kiss.

Emmy and Brookie are best friends but they've NEVER kissed before.
They meet nice boys, will their first kiss be their last one?


9. How could this ever happen?

Niall's P.O.V:

After we read all our note's from Emmy we all cried harder.
I was crying and sitting alone, in the corner of the room waiting for the doctor.


"Hi mate, How you doing know?" Liam asks me with tears in his eyes.
He is so strong, he need to cry but he hide it, i'm proud of this kid! I'm really am.
"I'm ok.." i said with tears rolling over my cheecks.
"Emmy does this for a reason, you know that mate?
She really loves you and she will never stop trust me" he said to me.
"I know but why everyone hates her?"
"I don't know mate, we're gonna pray one more time ok?" Liam asked me.
We prayed 3 minutes.
"Thanks buddy, If we can see her, would you come with me?" i asked.
"Sure, " he said.
Liam askes if someone need something.
He leaves to get some stuff, and everyone was crying..
Why babe? Why would you to this sweetie? that was my only question..


Zayn's P.O.V:

I text Perrie and said that she have to come to the hospital for Emmy but i forgot she was in Canada for a concert.
I sit on the ground thinking of all the great times Emmy and i had..



Zayn's P.O.V:

"Ok mister Vain you have 5 minutes to do your hair because we have to shop!" Tonight i gonna prepose Perrie and Emmy would be there to with Niall, so we have to shop.
"I don't want to!!" i said.
"Im gonna wake Niall up now and if i'm back your ready to go!"
Emmy walks out of my room but i was still sleepy.
"ZAYN! Come out of your bed!"
"NO!" i said.
"Ok you asked for it." Emmy gets a hand full of gell and does it in my hair.
"What is all that noice he.. It's on like donkeykong" Liam said.

When we we're done with everything and my hair was in model again we went to the car.
We see a shoe shop and Emmy run into that one.

"Ok, let's see, " Emmy said.

Niall's P.O.V:

I saw these really nice glitter pumps and i think by myself: "Maybe i have to give Emmy a relly nice outfit (Heels, a Dress, Accessories)"
I buyed them, and hide them for Emmy.
We went to the next shop with really nice clothes.
Zayn tryd this nice black suit.
Emmy try's a beautiful white dress with a silver glitterblazer.
"Should i take this one?" she asks us.
"Wow" i said.
"Emmy you look verry pretty in that dress, take it" Zayn said.
"Ok, i'll take it"

When we were at the checkout i paid for her dress and a nice black suit for myself.
Zayn also bought a nice suit.
The heels that i had bought for her just to paste here dress.
She was a little bit angry but was also thankfull.
She kissed me on my cheeck and whispers in my ear: "I love you sweetie."


Zayn's P.O.V:

As soon as we got home we dressed.
When we're ready we drived to the restaurant we're Perrie waits for us.
I has reservaid a table for 2 on the roof, but what Perrie didn't know was that: Liam, Danielle, Harry, Louis, Niall, Emmy, Brookie, Jade, Leigh-Anne and Jesy we're hide and watch us the whole time.

"Babe there is something i wanna tell you..
I love you so much, your always on my mind, and that's why i wanna ask you something."
I get on one knee and said: "I love you so much and i wanne spend the rest of my life with you, would you please marry me?"
As soon as i showed the ring she said: : "Yes afcourse honny".
I put the ring on her finger.
"This present is for miss Malik" I gave her the shoes and everyone came to us and congrat's us.
Best night ever, Thanks Emmy and Niall, I love you guys.



Louis P.O.V:

I was crying and i read the note like 100 times.
When she said that El and i have to talk about the fight i was nervous but i sit down next to El.

"El, I love you so much.
If this happens to you, i would die, i really do!
Your my princess, and i'm so sorry about yesterday, can you forgive me?"

"Come here stupid carrot" she said to me.
We kissed for like 10 minutes and then the docter came..

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