Last first kiss.

Emmy and Brookie are best friends but they've NEVER kissed before.
They meet nice boys, will their first kiss be their last one?


5. How could this ever happen?

Emmy's P.O.V:

Durning the concert, Niall and i hold hands like the whole time!
It was a very special moment.
When Brookie and i go off stage the boy's sing there next song and Niall said: "This song is about that special moment when a girl came into your life and you know for sure that she never can get out of it, Stole my heart for my love Emily ALMOST Horan!"
I begin to blush and yes, this boy is totally right..
I came into his life and i can't get out of it.
When he said: Emily ALMOST Horan i died inside.. I never thought he would say that, ON STAGE FOR 1000 OF GIRLS HOW LOVES NIALLER TOO!!


Eleanor's P.O.V:

I walked to Emmy and Brookie and compliment the preformens, but i need to talk with Brookie about Harry.
"Brookie, can i talk to you for a sec?" i asked a bit nervous.
'Sure, what's up El"
"Well, uhm, Brookie.. We have to talk about Harry, right here, right know.."
"Ok, is it something good?" she asked with a big smile on her face.
I could feel her feelings for Harry but i have to say it to her before she get's hurt by her dreamman..
"Maybe we have to sit, it's kinda hard.." we sit down and i stared to talk.


"Harry is my bestfriend like my little brother and that make's it harder to said for me but i have to.. Harry is not that kind of guy you think he is.
He is not that boy everyone thinks he is..
He's bullied alot, like Liam was bullied on school because he..
O wait we talk about Harry and not about..
Well anywhays, people say that Harry was gay and that they hate him but he didn't know why pepole hate him.
He was insecure about it and that's were it all stared..
Everynight after a concert, he take a girl home and, you know..
If you REALLY like him you have to talk to him, and i'm telling you this because your my girl and maybe Harry change for you and stay by you forever"

Brookie stared to cry and i huged her, this is hard for her and i totally understand her, but she have to change Harry for his own savety, she can do it, i belive in her!


Brookie's P.O.V:

I stared to cry and Eleanor huged me and i just, i was hurt, again that night..
"How could he do that?" i asked El.
"He's insecure, i have never told a girl about him only you, your my girl! Pleas talk to him, PLEAS!"
El cried to now, i whiped my tears away and Eleanor's tears too.
"El listen, i'm gonna talk with Harry and i love this guy and he loves me back, i feel it." we both smiled, on that moment the boys ended their concert.
Louis saw Eleanor with tears and huged her and kissed her and ask what was wrong, El didn't say much and just cried into Louis arms.
Niall and Emmy playing the guitar again.
Liam and Zayn we're playing with the Nerf-guns and i thought: "This i my moment to talk with Harry.. I have to, for El and Harry and The boys, but specially for our future!"

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