Last first kiss.

Emmy and Brookie are best friends but they've NEVER kissed before.
They meet nice boys, will their first kiss be their last one?


21. Hi guys, this is not a chapter.

Hi guys,

I hope you guys like it but i think i need a view ideas so could you guys pleas help me?
You can send me your idea on twitter: @DIRECTII0NER_X
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I hope you guys can help me, and i'm also gonna make a view youtube video's but i'm not done with that so i let you guys know when i'm done with that :)

If you guys help me i make you Co-writer, and pleas, let everyone know that i've write this story for true Directioners!
Also you can ask me stuff, stuff about myself or something for advice.
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Love from a treu Directioner.

(and if you wanna ask something you can also comment on this story and i will awnser it in a chapter. )

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