Last first kiss.

Emmy and Brookie are best friends but they've NEVER kissed before.
They meet nice boys, will their first kiss be their last one?


15. First kiss for both.

Niall's P.O.V:

El and Brookie came back: "She doing great" they said.
"Well mate, goodluck" Lou said.
Everyone wished me luck and i walked to Emmy's room.

"Hello? Is my princess in this room?"
"Yes she is, and she miss her prince!" she says.
I run to Emmy and huged her, "make place for me" i said.
Now i'm laying next to my princess.
"Honn, can you putt the tv on?" she asks me.
"Sure" i putt it on and saw a interview from me.



*intervieuwer*: "Niall, do you have a girlfriend, and are you the only one or does the other boys have girlfriends too?"
*Niall* : "Yes we have. Me, Harry, Louis and Zayn. But mine is the best of all, Honny if your watching, i love you with all my heart."
*Intervieuwer*: "Niall, how would you asked your girlfriend to marry you?"
*Niall*: "Well, first i'dd go to Nando's and play my guitar for her and ask if she wanna marry me ;)
No just kidding, i take her for a walk to a park and ask the boys if they would sing for us and then ask it"

* Intervieuwer*: "Why is this girl your 'special girl'?"
*Niall*: "Well, This girl have learned me so much, She learned how to cook, she learned me how to wash clothes but she also learnd me what 'Love' means.
When i first saw her i was like: Damn girl, you stole my heart' and i was totally in love, she's got it all, she's me love and me everything"
*Intervieuwer*: "Last question, What would you do if she's in the hospital or something?"
*Niall*: "If she ever gets hurt i would never forgive myself, and if she died, i would die to.
If she broke her leg, i carried her every second.
If she needs something, i get it for her because she deserve it"



"Niall, do you mean all those things you said?"
"Yes, ofcourse honn"
I looked into her beautiful brown eyes and i kissed her.
"I love you sweetie" i said
"I love you to my irish prince" she fell a sleep on my chest and i stayed with her, everyone came to say goodbye but i staied by my princess.
"Goodnight honn, sleep wel" i whisperd and i fell asleep with my love in my arms.

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