Last first kiss.

Emmy and Brookie are best friends but they've NEVER kissed before.
They meet nice boys, will their first kiss be their last one?


8. All notes.

This is so hard for me, and i never wanted to leave you, not on this way but i have to, God needs me.
My Irish prince.
Don't do stupid things if i'm gone and find that person that's perfect.
Find a girl everyone love, and someone how is taller, skinnier and thinner.
Babe i love you and i never stop!
Bye Nialler, take care of yourself and never forget we had it all.
-xx- Emiley ALMOST Horan.


This is very hard for you, i know but you always have El, Perrie right?
And the boys, i love you.
Everyone thougt i had many friends but you, El, Perrie and the boys are my only friends.
I love you and if i'm not gonna make it, take care of Niall pleas and grow up with Harry and don't forget me and our time's.
Bye siss,, -xx- Emmy."


"Hi Zaynie Vainie,
I will always remember our shopping times, if i don't servive this, you have to know that your my vain boy and i love you.
Perrie and you are so cute togheter, stay with each other for the rest of your life.
Don't forget me, pleas.
And everytime you eat something spaninsh, think of me ok? ;)
Bye Vainie,, -xx- Emmy."


"Hi Hazza,
How is your day?
I think Liam read my tweets with you guys, i'm really sorry.
Take care of my girl ok?
Harold, never leave or hurt Brookie because this girl you find once.
And don't forget me, don't forget our time.
Can you remeber our first dubble date?
Or the "Hammy day" at saterday?
The cat store was so funny, "Miauuww Miauuww" (I love you)

Bye Catbuddy,, -xx-Emmy."


"Dear Carrotking of me,
I know that it's kinda weird to read that your my carrotking and i'm your carrotqueen, because normaly you hear it.
Everytime you see or eat a carrot think of me ok?
Take care of everyone and grow old with El, this girl loves you very much and i know you had a big fight yesterday but pleas NEVER BREAK-UP with her because if i die, i'm gonna come over and i'm gonna annoy you ;)
You two are perfect,
Bye Louu,, -xx- Emmy."


"Hi Daddy Direction,,
I'm a bit scared writing this to you.
How can i ever explain this to you?
Liam you have to know that i'm gonna miss our "cholate time" togheter and the "brother sister" moments.
Your the strongest one, you gonna smile but your still verry hurt..
Take care of all of them but pleas watch Niall for me.
I love you chocolatebuddy,
Bye Big Brother, -xx- Emmy."


"Dear El,,
I still remeber the first day i met you, and taht day at the concert..
And the first vacation of all the boys togheter with us.
You and Lou.
Brookie and Hazza.
Perrie and Zaynie.
Me and Nialler.
Liam and Danielle, i knew that they broked up but this is true love, they find their way back to each other, i promise.
We had some fun time, and if i die you can have my clothes (share them with Brookie and Perry ok?)
See you later siss, -xx- Emmy"


"Dear Perrie,,
Hi lovely, enjoying the tour with my sweeties?
I wish i can come to watch you guys but right now, i'm at a better place..
There was just to much hate an di can't handle it, i'm very sorry!
Hope you forgive me once..
Kisses to the girls sis, and take care of Zayn and Hatchi.
See you later honn, -xx- Emmy"


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