Last first kiss.

Emmy and Brookie are best friends but they've NEVER kissed before.
They meet nice boys, will their first kiss be their last one?


1. Surprise!

Emmy's P.O.V:

Brookie and i just went shopping for the One Direction Concert tonight, i know we were a bit late but we have great dresses now.
When we get home we saw my mom talking to someone.
Their were 3 girls in our living room.

"Mom, we're home." we walked into the living room when i almost got a heart attack!
Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie just stand their, in my living room!
"Brook, that's... Eleanor Calder, Danielle Peazer and Perrie Edwards!" i whispered into Brookie's ear.
"Em, i know, say something!" 
"Mom, why are the most beautiful girls on the planet standing in our living room..?" i asked her nervous.
"Well, i think the girls can say that by themselves." she winked and looked at El.


Eleanor's P.O.V:

"Hi, i think you know how we are, and we're here with a reason.
You must be Emmy, right?" i walked to the girls with Dani and Perrie behind me.
"Y-y-yes i am." i saw that she was nervous, i was nervous when i met Lou for the first time, so i know how she felt.
"Well you entered a contest right, about 1D?
Congrats, cause you won!" i hugged her.
"Are you serious?!
OMG thank you SO much!"
I was so happy for those girls, Emmy is the perfect match for Niall and Brookie is just a match for Harry.
Harry could use a power boost now, after the brake-up from him and Taylor.
"So Dani can you tell this nice girl what she won?
And Perrie do you want to give the prizes to them?"


Danielle's and Perrie's P.O.V:

"Ok so i'm Danielle, and first iv'e have a question: Are you 2 going to the concert tonight?" (Dani)
"And do you already have some clothes?" (Perrie)
"Well, yes we're going, and yes we have clothes, do you wanna see them?" Emmy asked.
"Darling listen, promise me that you won't scream or something ok?
You've won: 2 backstage passes, 2 concert tickets to Little Mix and a day with us 3." (Dani)
"Here are the prizes girls." (Perrie)
"Omg, Perrie Louise Edwards just touched my hand." she looked to us with open mouth.
"Wait Danielle can i ask you something?" Brookie sad.
"Sure honny, what's upp?"
"Ok, well you and Li broke up a few months ago, but were secretly back together and tonight Liam's gonna tell everyone, but everyone thinks we're still not back togheter."
"Ohw well anyways, thank you girls SO much, well i guess i see you tonight?" the girls were almost crying.
It was so good to give the tickets to them, their gonna have the time of their life!

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