Perfect Stranger

Harmony Ferrara was the average 18-year old mother. Her boyfriend left as soon as he heard the news, just like you see on those dreaded television shows. But what was different about her story? Well, she runs into the perfect stranger. But when her daughters health take a turns for the worst will this stranger provide the support that she needs to get through it all? Read on to find out.


6. The List,

                     Chapter 6                                 



-1 week later-



Alice, surprisingly, felt better. I guess it was an on and off sort of fling. The doctors office called back saying they couldn't successfully pin point the reason she couldn't feel her arms but they said not to worry to much. I obeyed them, trusting their training. They were professionals after all. Alice was off in daycare and I was back at work having a splendid conversation with my boss about my attendance. Note the sarcasm. He was going on and on about how I should have called in late. I rolled my eyes secretly one last time before nodding and standing up.


"Take this seriously Monee, there aren't many jobs with benefits like these." He warned me with one last wave of his finger. I nodded smoothing out my new uniform and heading out the door. As soon as I emerged and waltzed into the kitchen Carter did his signature, "Ooooh you got in trouble." bit which only made me want to flip a table more. I was extremely stressed out. Alices health was doing fine but I couldn't help but worry about it. The Jingle Ball was nearing and with all this work commotion about all the celebrities coming was driving me insane. My boss didn't dare leave out that all the celebrities loved coming here after the party and I was to scared to even mention I had tickets. He informed me I was working that night and I restrained myself from telling him, he hated when I had other plans and it would have been worse since I haven't been here lately. I was ultimately screwed.


"Shut up, do you have that order yet." He smirked tucking his blonde locked into his chef hats and gently gliding his hand to point at a plate right in front of the window. I playfully rolled my eyes and swiftly picked lifted it up. I strutted over to the table reading over the order once more to make sure it was perfected. I nodded and placed the plate down not giving the customer a second glance. Evidently I wasn't in the mood.


"Harmony?" I heard the familiar raspy voice question. I stopped in my track spinning on my heels and quickening my pace to the spot I once stood.


"Harry!" I exclaimed to happy to see a friendly face all day, minus Carter. He smiled and stood to hug me. Some strands of my red hair fells from its bun framing my face. "Didn't know you worked here." He said pulling away and taking a seat. I looked around to see if Ray was anywhere to be seen, my boss. The coast was clear so I took a seat across from him. 

"Sadly." I huffed undoing my bun. He smirked shoving a spoonful of food in his mouth. "I heard Alice was sick, how is she?" He said a concerned expression overtaking his perfect features. I knew he would be the first one to truthfully worry, besides Louis. He was so fond of the little girl and I admired that in him. He was so caring and selfless. I smiled and answered, "She's her normal energetic sassy self again." He chuckled and nodded. Out the corner of my eye I saw Ray walk out of his enclosed office and nod to Carter.


"Got to go, tell the boys I can't wait to see them this weekend." I said giving him a grin. He nodded and waved goodbye to me as I scooted out the booth and paced back to my normal spot in front of the window. Carter winked at me, I scoffed and snatched as many orders as I could into my two incapable hands. Of course I slipped on a piece of ice that just decided to be casually lounging on the floor at that exact moment, almost breaking my back. God, this day couldn't get any worse





I was lying on the couch playing temple run, with Alice upstairs in her room doing who knows what; when Reberta applied and ice pack to my sore leg. I winced at the frigid feeling and only managed to keep one eye open. She sucked in a breathe and sighed looking saddened at the fact this all happened.


"You big baby." She said trying to lighten the mood. I gave her a look and she rolled her eyes. "People are going through much worse then you darling, imagine how Alice felt." She reminded me taking a seat on the recliner. I sighed and nodded remembering how she didn't even let a tear come into thought. She reminded me of myself when I was a child. Daring, happy, sassy and fearless. Her and Louis were so alike. "So hows this epic search for your prince coming along?" She said taking out her needles and preparing herself to knit. I breathed out adjusting the ice on my leg and then answered, "I have some contenders but I doubt they'd take me." I said referring to Louis,I liked him. Yes I officially liked Louis. I got to know him a lot more;we met up for coffee occasionally, and we contacted each other non-stop.


"Ooh is it that young fellow by the name of Louis?" She winked at me averting her gaze from the hat she was conjuring up. I shrugged and hesitantly nodded. Her smile broadened if that was even possible and she paused in the middle of her loop to give me a thumbs ups.


"Like I said! He doesn't like me like that, I swear."I said. She chuckled and shook her head. We sat there in complete silence. It was a normal December night, the fire was going the windows were covered by the small snowflakes that continuously fell and the Christmas spirit was present. I always loved Christmas as a child. The familiar scent of my mothers famous hot chocolate and my dad coming home with a present for Oliver and I every now and then. He was rarely home, but when he was he never stopped smiling. He was a scouting agent, and also famous pianist. Many people didn't recognize me as his daughter, but if I were to say my father was THE Ashton Ferrara they'd know immediately who I was referring to. I smiled at the thought looking up to our medium sized Christmas tree that we had just put up about an hour ago with Alice. The star sloppy sat atop the tree, obviously put on by Alice. 



"Mummy I know what I want for Christmas!" I heard the small voice scream racing down the wooden floor boards. Reberta and I gave her our full attention as she prepared to list off her wants and needs.


"I want a piano, just for me, so I can be just like grandpa." She informed me first. I grinned at the idea of his granddaughter carrying out his legacy. "I want to go all the way to Vegas with mummy to see the lights and the huge Christmas tree." She said again, I nodded thinking I could always take her to Olivers, whilst I was out. "But most of all mummy" She said quietly twisting her toes on the floor and looking down. "I want a daddy." The words smacked me upside the head causing me to becoming weak in the knees. What made her say that? A three-year old girls list usually consisted of dolls and hair ties and games but now she's asking for a new family member?

I gulped and plastered on a fake smile. She genuinely smiled back and danced down the hallway to her room humming her favorite song. Somewhere Over The Rainbow. I turned to look at Reberta with wide eyes. She shrugged and stared back speechless. I knew one thing I couldn't fulfill and that was getting Alice a new daddy. No matter how much I wanted her to be happy and have a nice childhood, it was impossible. No guy wanted me and I was to stubborn and broken to except just anybody. I felt my stomach twist up and all those feelings of warmth and happiness disappear. The feeling of pure terror over came me and I couldn't even think straight.


I never knew a list could make me feel so horrid inside, like I was a bad person. But it wasn't just A was The list.


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