Perfect Stranger

Harmony Ferrara was the average 18-year old mother. Her boyfriend left as soon as he heard the news, just like you see on those dreaded television shows. But what was different about her story? Well, she runs into the perfect stranger. But when her daughters health take a turns for the worst will this stranger provide the support that she needs to get through it all? Read on to find out.


9. Spiraling out of control

Chapter 9





"Ms. Ferrara can I speak with you alone please?" The doctor asked in a soft tone. It wasn't Mrs. Magee which was already scaring me, she would always check Alice. It was her pediatrician after all. I gulped anxiously nodding my head and standing to my feet. They all gave me sympathetic looks before returning to their persistent prayers. I squeezed my eyes shut breathing out slowly as I followed the doctor down the hall.


We stopped outside of a door and she sighed at her chart in disbelief. She looked up at me with a look of compassion and I felt my stomach twist into multiple knots in multiple places.


"We did some tests, the same ones you took last visit and w-we noticed something different about the CAT scan." I gave her a confused look as she shut her eyes lightly. The suspense was killing me more then ever by now and all I wanted was for her to spit it out.


"We found a tumor near the forearm, which explains her falling out and the random loss of feeling. We believe it's Cancer miss." She whispered to me her eyes glossy and drowned in sympathy. I covered my mouth letting warm tears cascade down my flushed cheeks. My breath was going off the charts and all I wanted now was to die. She was 3. A baby still, she didn't know right from wrong. She was Alice. The red-head who would jump off her bed into a pile of pillows or devour every sweet in the house. She was my child, but most importantly she was the little girl that changed my life forever.. and here she is being diagnosed with cancer.


"H-how? Where, w-when d-did.." I stuttered staring into her eyes. A tear flowed down her cheek and she continued on with her report.


"We caught it really late actually and we can't guarantee anything at the moment, we will be taking more test but Alice will definitely undergo chemotherapy without a doubt, again I'm extremely sorry." She said slowly scanning her chart with her brown orbs. I wiped my tears with the back of my hand still sniffling but mindlessly nodded. I felt like throwing up ;my heart was shattered and burned into little ashes of nothing. Why Alice?


"Come back tomorrow yeah? She still needs tests done for verification so how about 9:00am, you can spend the entire day with her?" She assured me, putting her hand on my shoulder. I nodded halfheartedly and walked back into the waiting room not uttering another word.


Louis was first to look up in shock. Soon the others caught his gaze and turned in my direction with looks of expectation and worry.


"Monee you have to tell what happened?" Liam whispered coming in front of me. I wiped my tears and pushed past him running out of the hospital. I went towards the back still crying and slid down the hard brick walls.

"What did I do! I was good in school, I listened to my parents, I don't do drugs!" I screamed to the sky letting silent tears flow down my face in anger and sadness. White snowflakes spotted the grey motionless sky, some landing on my nose and shoes.


"Why do you take everything away from me! Everything I ever wanted or needed you just run away with it forever!" I hollered with all my strength  which wasn't much, trembling in fear. I heard footsteps approaching me but I didn't bother looking up. Nothing could help me anymore. My baby has cancer, my parents both died and my brother lives all the ways in Vegas. For Christ sake I work at a restaurant making minimum wage. Nothing is going right, Nothing will and Nothing ever does.


"Monee what happened?" I heard the familiar soft voice that belonged to Louis. I looked up shooting him a death glare.


"If anything I don't want to see your face." I grumbled starting to rise to my feet. He grabbed my arm before I could run off; I could barely wiggle my arm. He shot me a look of compassion which I returned with a scowl.


"Can we talk about this later, Alice is more important then some stupid tweet or headline on a magazine, Don't you agree?" He said sternly. His grip loosened and he stood there waiting for an answer. I searched his eyes finding only one emotion, honesty. I snatched my hand away and slowly sat on the cold snow that littered the entire parking lot. He mimicked my movement and patiently waited for me to recollect myself.


"Alice was just diagnosed w-with," I sighed letting tears fall continuously  He gripped my hand softly staring into my eyes. I squeezed them shut and slowly looked down, "Cancer."


"Oh my God.." He muttered. Suddenly I was pulled into his arms making goosebumps appear all over me. "We'll be fine, Alice is fighter we all know that. We will get through this." He whispered into my nappy locks. I breathed in his scent closing my eyes causing more tears to pour from my dull blue eyes. We stayed in that position for more then 15 minutes not saying anything. Hugs always say more then words could ever and now that theory was proven. I was never going to be completely healed but Louis definitely sealed a small patch in my heart. We both stood up at the same time with his arms still latched around me. I buried my head in his shirt and let silent tears flow down my red face.


Louis walked in briefly waving at the boys to hurry up and get in the car. They all grabbed their coats and tucked phones in their pockets in record time and followed Louis out of the building. We drove in silence the only question asked was ' What happened?' Louis told them "secretly"so he wouldn't set me off again I'm guessing. But it was to late. I was so into myself I could barely sit up straight. I was asleep in Harry's lap when we arrived at the One Direction Manor. I immediately hopped out before anyone else; the cold air smacked me across the face with extreme force but I barely even felt it, I was numb from the entire scenario. I trudged up the set of stairs and opened the door as if I lived here. Running up the steps I called Reberta and sent Oliver and Carter a text, spreading the horrible news.


No matter how much I wanted to deny all of this and put it on myself I couldn't. It hurt more then anything ever in my entire life. More then having this stupid job or Louis cheating even my parents passing away.. I cried to myself with the door locked blocking out anything and everything. And at the moment I knew that this was reality and it was really happening. to me the normal girl from London. Harmony Ferrara.


Alice was a ball of energy, a fighter, my daring spontaneous thunder bolt and she would survive this because if she didn't, then my everything would be spiraling out of control.. but little did I know it already was.



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