Perfect Stranger

Harmony Ferrara was the average 18-year old mother. Her boyfriend left as soon as he heard the news, just like you see on those dreaded television shows. But what was different about her story? Well, she runs into the perfect stranger. But when her daughters health take a turns for the worst will this stranger provide the support that she needs to get through it all? Read on to find out.


7. Somewhere...

Chapter 7





"I'm just to hot for you." I joked with Harmony. She playfully scoffed struggling to hold back a grin and retorted back, "I think your egos writing a check your body can't cash Lou" The entire room filled with 'OOOHS' she laughed her spine tingling laugh and stuck her tongue out at me. 


"You got served." Alice said sitting up in Harry's lap. I stuck my tongue out at her and smiled. The others had went out to retrieve to the tree and decorations this time around.

We had all agreed on spending this Christmas with each other. All the other times we had went to stay with our families and this time around we thought it'd be better to just spend time together. I heard the door fling open and Alice sprung out of Harry grasp disappearing down the corridor. They were huffing and puffing, dragging the tree behind them. It wasn't that it was huge but it definitely wasn't little. Harmony laughed, once again making me smile. I officially liked her, maybe a little more, but that could all wait. I just got to know her now and I needed time to think. I was most definitely going to ask her to the Jingle ball this next Saturday, it was only fair. Liam and all the others has told me we were horrible at flirting and that we should just get married already, which was typical for them to say. 


"We come bearing tree!" Niall hollered breathlessly, finally entering the living room. The tree was all real, it had the spiky branches jutting from different angles. It was so familiar to the one we had back at home..almost identical. It was had light green leaves  with a deep brown stump. Its top being perfect for a star to sit in triumph. Once the finally got it standing, we all got to work placing the ornaments on it. Liam had Alice on his neck letting her dress the top. Harmony was busy spinning the white and red ribbon around the tree and Harry and Zayn were untangling the lights. Niall disappeared somewhere and soon I found out where he had went. The house filled up with the sound of Jingle bells and we all began to sing along. 


"Ooh Jingle bells, jingle bells jingle all the way!" Alice sang. Liam put her down since she had finished placing ornaments and she started danicng around. I stopped and admired her. Her curly hair ends dancing around with her and her little toes bouncing up and down. I walked over and let her stand on my sock-covered feet as I held her hands. I waltzed around the room with her. She smiled up at me and I immediately fell in love wither her big blue eyes. She looked like she was going to cry, but that's is how she always looked. Her eyes being so glossy and big...just like her mothers. I looked back to find Harmony smiling at us. All the boys were still putting on ornaments around the back. Soon enough, the song ended and Alice hopped off my feet hugging my legs.


"I love you Louis." She murmured making my expression soften and my heart warm up. I bent down and hugged her properly, "I love you to Cherry." I said referring to her red hair. She always called me frosting for no apparent reason. Actually she gave everyone a nickname. Harry was sprinkles, Zayn was icing, Liam was strawberry and Niall was cake. I chuckled at the memory when she first started giving us nicknames. 


"Hey Alligator ready to put on the star." Zayn called to her. She smiled at me one last time before I ungripped her and let her run to be lifted up by Harry. Niall handed her the star and Liam and Harmony urged her to reach out and plop it on. We were all gathered around the finished product;I had my camera ready to flash the picture of when she placed it on. She cautiously reached out and caught the branch that poked out at the perfect angle, straight up. She placed the star on top and I snapped a picture from afar, making sure to capture everyones expressions. Everyone was around the tree with huge grins on their faces. I took another of Alice mostly, she was about to clap her hands and her head was thrown back in laughter. I smiled at my phone and before I could shut it off Harmony was behind me. She blushed at being so close, I suspect, and got a peek at the pictures.


"Perfect." She whispered. I had to contain myself from saying 'Yeah you are' because that would just make everything weird.


"I told you guys I'm an expert!" Alice said smiling at us with her fist on her hips. We all chuckled, Liam was in the kitchen grabbing the cookies and everyone else was tweeting and lounging on the couch. All the seats were taken besides one and I looked at Harmony hesitantly  She smiled reassuringly and I sat down letting a load off. But the thing that shocked me the most was when she sat in my lap. SHE SAT IN MY LAP.

I screamed in my mind. I tried to keep a huge grin from erupting on my lips. I wasn't excited because of the amazing sensation but the fact the she trusted me enough to know I wouldn't pull any stunts. She had told me she didn't trust guys much, they only wanted one thing and I already guessed what it was. She told me a lot in the past week and a few days I learned everything I needed to know about her lately and her the same with me.I anxiously wrapped my arms around her small waist and breathed out silently when she didn't flinch. I closed my eyes and smiled to myself. Mission accomplished.


"Don't try anything weirdo " She leaned back into me and whispered in my ear. I shivered against her movement and smirked at her. Liam came back in with cookies, Alice skipping behind him. The radio was blasting All I want For Christmas is You by Mariah Carey. I wanted to sing this to Harmony, so badly. But how could I? It would be to weird.   


My phone buzzed against my side and I carefully unwrapped my right arm from around her waist and took it out peering at the screen . It read: Nice job ;) -Harry. I looked up and gave him a glare. He discretely winked at me, before returning to devour the cookies with the others. Alice was talking to Liam about something and he was nodding his head and laughing every now and then. I looked to see Harmonys expression but she was already fast asleep.



"Why don't they just crash here, I don't see the big deal." Niall suggested looking around the room for approval. I shrugged along with all the others, Alice jumped up and sang, "I'm sleeping over One Direction house!" in her adorable voice. We all laughed and sang with her. Later on, I decided I'd better put Harmony in bed. I picked her up bridal style and effortlessly walked up the steps to the vacant guest room. I laid her on the bed removing her boots and covering her sleeping figure with a clean white duvet. I smiled at her sleeping body and noticed a strand of her red hair had fell on her face. I brushed it back with my thumb, as gently as possible. I treated Harmony like she was the most delicate flower in the universe, which she was, to me at least. I kissed her forehead and advanced down the steps to where the boys all sat. Niall shoved yet another cookie in his mouth and grunted.


"I'm going to bed." He said standing to his feet and stretching  After that everyone started going up until it was just Alice and I. 

"Hey Louis, I has a question." She said sitting criss-cross applesauce next to me. I paused the movie we were just engrossed in moments ago and turned to look at her. She bore into my soul with her electric eyes and the once comfortable atmosphere turned tense.


"Do you love my mummy?" She asked in barely a whisper. I sat there speechless. The lights of the Christmas Tree lit up the dark room along with the on-going fire place. They reflected off her cheeks making the rest of her a silhouette.

I gulped and when I saw a tear trickle down her cheek I became confused. "Of course I love your mummy Alice, why would you ask that?" 


"I mean love her like a girlfriend." She said slowly. I contemplated for a second before looking her in the eyes. The fire flamed up giving me just the right amount of light to wipe her tear. "I like your mummy, a lot actually. More then you may ever know. But love is a very strong word. People use the word hate more then necessary,  but they use love like it is nothing. I may not love your mother like a girlfriend yet, but I'm definitely getting there." She stayed silent fumbling with her little hands.


"My daddy left me when I was little, I never saw him." She said. "I see my friends with their mummies and daddies who love them so much, but I only have mummy, no daddy just 1 person that loves me like that." She said more tears streaming down her now red cheeks. She wasn't making noises or crying crying she just let silent tears slide down her cheeks. 


"I used to stay up at night, dreaming that I'd see daddy and know he was mine forever, but I know it won't happen to me. If you like mummy so much why can't you just marry her and be my d-daddy." He bottom lip began to tremble and more tears came down her face. I felt a warm tear trickled down my face at the sight. I never knew Alice was so broken by all of this. She is only 3. No three-year old should have to go through this..ever. I picked her up and sat her in my lap, wiping her tears with my thumb. 


"I love you like that, more then that, I love you more then you could ever imagine sweetheart. So does Mummy, Harry, Niall, Zayn, Liam and everyone else. We love you soo much." I said quietly rocking her back and forth. 

She pulled back and looked up at me. "This much." She said indicating the size with her hands. 


"Bigger." I said


"This much?"


"Bigger." I teased smiling at her.


"This much!" She said waving her hands in the air. I nodded and whispered, "But bigger."


She sighed and crossed her arms, "I give up." I chuckled loudly and laid into the plushy pillow behind me. She lied down on my chest and I pulled a cover over us. Her little body moved up and down because of the rise and fall of our chests clashing together. I flicked off the television and absentmindedly sang her to sleep. My mother sang to me when I was younger, just like she had with all my other sisters. I had the song she sang to me memorized and stored into my brain. It always calmed me down whenever I was sad or angry and I guess it would work now.


"Somewhere over the rainbow, Way up high, There's a land I heard of a lullaby.

Somewhere over the rainbow, Skies are blue, And the dreams that you dare to dream do come true." I sang quietly, I rubbed her back as she drifted off into dream land. I never felt so attached to someone so much in my life. I loved this little girl more then I could even comprehend. The fact that she was so hurt by this entire situation made my heart clench inside my chest. I wanted to mend her broken heart, make her feel like she was loved. And that's what I was going to do.


"If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, why oh why can't I." I finished and myself fell asleep. I was going to take Alice somewhere over the rainbow someday, or maybe something else was..



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