Perfect Stranger

Harmony Ferrara was the average 18-year old mother. Her boyfriend left as soon as he heard the news, just like you see on those dreaded television shows. But what was different about her story? Well, she runs into the perfect stranger. But when her daughters health take a turns for the worst will this stranger provide the support that she needs to get through it all? Read on to find out.


4. Pardon?

Chapter 4




We were seated in front of the massive crowd, consisting mostly of teenage girls who had tears streaming down their faces. I smiled at the anticipating crowd as Paul made the announcement that the gates were open. Security lined up behind us, as the file of girls walked in impatiently. All I could think about was Alice and Harmony, the boys all knew of them and they were just as excited to meet them as I was. As much as I enjoyed Alice I couldn't help but be drawn to her mother. I was slightly in shock that she looked so young to be mothering a 3 year old as charismatic as Alice, and I respected her for that. She intrigued me most when she snapped at me the other day at the store. It made me want to get to know her more; and find out why she acted like that yesterday.






"5 more minutes!" I said in a fake giddy tone. I was trying to be as happy for her as I could so she wouldn't sense my annoyance. Of course I was enthuastic that she would meet her idols but then again that Louis guy really irked me, with his comment the other day. I couldn't help but snap at him, he was just like every other guy on this planet, a dog. Unfortunately, Alice seemed to worship the ground he walked on, like she always has. But this particular day she was more excited then I've ever seen her before.


Finally, it was our turn to meet THE One Direction or as Alice calls them '5 Chocolate Cakes'. She has always had a huge obsession with chocolate cake and when she discovered One Direction she decided that she would call them that. If you ask me it was a reasonable clash. I picked her up so she rested on my hip and approached the table where all five boys sat. 


"Hey Harmony!" Louis exclaimed getting up and hugging me and her. "Hey." I said pulling a fake smile.


"Oh googly moogly it's Chocolate Cake!" She squealed shoving her face into my neck, trying to hide her blush but failing. They all turned to me with confusion and amusement all over their faces. "She's obsessed with chocolate cake and you lads, so she decided that it'd be your new nickname." They all exchanged smiles and then turned to Alice.


"Well Louis has been telling us that you have a little dance you would like to show us." Harry said smiling at her. She nodded with her eyes wide open and squirmed around in my arms. I chuckled and placed her on the cement floors stepping back to watch along with the boys.


She turned her back to us and then flipped around and began her stellar cover of the "Itsy-Bitsy Spider." All the boys were laughing and smiling at her, despite how tired they all looked. Me and Alice were the last ones in line just as Louis had ordered us to be and after this he wanted to 'hang out'.


"And the Itsy- bitsy spider went up the spout AGAAAAIN!" She sang perfectly holding onto the last word and trembling her words. I clapped along with the boys; the security guards even enjoyed the show.


She grabbed the hem of her pink dress and courtseyed, blowing kisses to the few people in the room. 


"Absolutely adorable," Zayn stated pulling a small smile at the red headed little girl.

"Oh stop I'm blushing." She confessed touching her reddened cheeks. All the boys burst into hysterics once more before regaining their breaths. "It's all television." I informed them picking her up. 


"So you guys are going to come to the house with us, as Louis had told us before?" Niall said looking at us expectantly. I glanced at Alice who was giving me her killer death glare then back at Louis who surprisingly looked nervous about my answer. I sighed and gave in; and soon I was on my way to the boys' house.


"Mummy, did you hear? Zayn absolutely loved it!, and Liam and Niall just couldn't stop smiling at me." She rambled in the car, switching from boy to boy going on and on about their reactions. I playfully rolled my eyes as we pulled up to the grand building before us. It was massive, probably holding up to 8 bedrooms along with excess space still left over. I closed my mouth and got out of the car, noticing the  van parked next to us in the driveway. I unbuckled Alice pulling her out of the car careful not to bump her head like last time. I threw her on hip and slammed the door shut.


"Mummy, you have to be cool, not lame, we are talking about One Direction", She mumbled in my ear. I chuckled and rang the bell and before you could say anything the door flew open. Louis smiled at me letting us enter before shutting it behind him. It was beautifully decorated. As we ventured further into his house I noticed the walls aligned with various pictures of the boys families and the little statues standing tall on the mahogany tables. The walls were midnight blue and the floors were all black wood.


I put Alice down so she could walk around. We submerged from the long hallway and into a spacious room, half of which was a kitchen and the other a living room. There were love seats and two huge couches facing opposite angles along with a glass coffee table smack in the middle. The fireplace was going full force and all 4 boys were strewn across any surface that was still available. 


"The queen has arrived." Alice said waving at them. They all looked up from their activities  most being their phones and smiled at us. Harry got up first walking up to me and sticking out his hand. I smiled warmly and shook his hand as he introduced himself, "And I'm Harry." All the boys got up shaking my hand and introducing themselves before Alice went on a rampage. 


"Hey, did you want some coffee?" Louis asked, I took in his features and soon became extremely nervous. His hair quiffed but messy at the same time which contrasted quite well. His blue-grey eyes were glimmering from the fires reflective properties and he looked insanely attractive. I swallowed and nodded my head following him in the kitchen. I adjusted my scarf and sat down on one of the bar stools that boarded the high leveled granite counter tops.


"Your house is phenomenal " I breathed. He chuckled coming back over with two cups filled with coffee and sitting next to me. I spun my chair around to face him still holding my cup firmly.

"Thanks, and by the way Alice is the sweetest girl I've ever met." He congratulated me on the birth of my child. I smiled to myself and nodded taking a sip from the coffee mug.

"So you go to school?"

"No actually I just try to make enough money for Alice and me to survive, as a waitress." I said still smiling. I have no idea why but after my little realization back there I couldn't get this stupid smile off my face. He looked at me as if he was studying my face but then turned to stare at his mug.

"Something wrong?" I said raising my left eyebrow.

"Nothing at all, it's just you and Alice look so alike, it's crazy." He said looking up and smiling at me. That made me remember what he said to me in the store, his stupid pick up line. I nodded downing my coffee and standing up trying to get away from him before anything else happened. I can't be flirting or talking to any of the boys I'm here for Alice and Alice only. I heard his phone ring and he excused himself from the kitchen going up the stairs. I took that as my chance to go back into the living room. When I laid my eyes on the situation at hand I almost peed myself. Alice was clinging to Harry leg with a scared look on her face as Zayn and Liam chased her around with stuffed animals. Harry was running around trying to get away from them and Niall was just laughing and snapping photos. 


"New screensaver," He smirked to himself. I sat next to him looking at his phone and noticing that his twitter app was open. 

"So you fancy Louis eh?" He said casually glancing at me for a split second. I artificially gagged and pretended to barf. 

"Of course not Niall!" I said unconvincingly. He rolled his eyes and looked back at his phones screen.

"Hey don't get sassy with me." I playfully poked his side. He poked me back adding a show of his tongue. I giggled and pretended to fall off the couch catching Alice's eye. They were still doing the same thing mixing it up every now and then. Harry looked tired and worn out but he still seemed to be having the time of his life. 


"Curly fries! They got mummy." She screeched making me and Harry laugh even more then we already were. "Go get her!" She demanded steering his leg my way. I climbed onto his right leg, wrapping my arms around it and yelling, "Onward and outward! Or whatever they say." He tried to run but me being a grown woman he got slower and slower until he fainted on the recliner. Me and Alice were on the floor in hysterics when Liam came over with the stuffed panda and pretended to eat Alice's  face off. It may have been the cutest thing I've ever seen.


Louis came back in with an angry yet worried expression slathered all over his face. He slumped next to Niall who seemed to be asking if he were Alright. I had forgotten Alice was starting a game of Duck Duck Goose and apparently I was in it.




At that moment when she smiled to herself I knew that I in fact had a crush on her. Yes a schoolboy crush on a girl I met at Wal-Mart, typical. She didn't even look to consider me as even a friend, so I had no idea what I was going to do. Just when I was going to ask her what's wrong my phone rang.


I ran up the steps tapping answer to the unknown number flashing on my screen. "Hey Lou it's me," the familiar Manchaster accent identified. I scoffed and almost hit end before she pleaded for me to just listen. "What El." I said closing my eyes. My jaw was locked and my fists were clenched by my sides. 


"I think I might be- pregnant." The words hit me like a brick hits a wall. Hard. I suddenly felt light headed and a little woozy in my knees.


"P-Pardon?" I stammered out raising my eyebrow. "You heard me Louis! I don't know what I'm going to tell Daniel." She sighed probably biting her nails, which she does when shes nervous. I ran my fingers through my hair and let out a low grunt.


"Keep it a secret until we know for sure, I'll come by your house tomorrow to go the doctors just be ready." I ordered hanging up abruptly. I slid down the nearest wall and thought to myself. How could she be pregnant? It's impossible, of course we've done it once or twice but we always used protection no matter what. If she was pregnant, it couldn't be mine. But if it wasn't mine then whose was it? My mind kept racing and racing until I finally ended it by thinking of Harmony. She seemed to always calm me down, her smile her laugh and her in general was a blessing.


I huffed and trudged down the stairs only to find Alice and Harmony on the floor laughing and smiling like complete idiots, my entire body tingled from the sensation of hearing Harmony giggle, but my mind failed to process it. Niall kept trying to get to me but I wasn't opening up to anyone until I was positive that I was a father...

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