Perfect Stranger

Harmony Ferrara was the average 18-year old mother. Her boyfriend left as soon as he heard the news, just like you see on those dreaded television shows. But what was different about her story? Well, she runs into the perfect stranger. But when her daughters health take a turns for the worst will this stranger provide the support that she needs to get through it all? Read on to find out.


11. I regret nothing

Chapter 11






"Alice you can't eat my-" I said stopping mid-sentence to look at the television as Dora danced around with boots in triumph.


I turned to see Alice chopping on something. "Alice?" I said slowly growing closer. She stopped chewing and guarded her mouth with her teeth. "Alice? Did you eat my cookie?!" I screeched searching for a certain sugar cookie. She shook her head immediately her cheeks burning red. I knew she was struggling to hide the truth.


"I guess this is a job for the tickle monster." I said lowly. She froze staring at me with her massive blue eyes. 

"No No, here here." She stuttered trying to spit it out in my hands. I moved my fingers away and shook my head playfully in disgust. "Ew, keep it." 


She giggled and finished off the cookie. Her red locks were up in a loose bun and her hospital gown small and spotted. I was here all day everyday from 7am to 10pm, she was main priority. It was only a few more days until the Jingle Ball and the boys and I were more than ready.


"I come bearing food." The angelic London accent bellowed. I turned and shot her a wide grin. She mugged me playfully avoiding me by going to the other side. I chuckled been turned serious in seconds, "You wanna play that game huh?" 


"What game? I'm serious you little creep." She said trying to keep the laugh in her belly. I could sense her agony as I was holding back a snicker. Alice thought we were serious being her naive self. 


"Guys no fighting please, I have to eat then you can fight." She said seriously. That broke me and Harmony. We were rolling off the chairs laughing. 

"A-Alice we were making a little joke." She said more clearly then I thought  she laughed louder then me. She managed to give me goosebumps and for my stomach to twist into 34 knots.


"You guys not funny." She said curling her upper lip in disapproval. We laughed at her bluntness and continued to unwrap the food from its bag. She got us Nandos which automatically reminded me of Niall, I hadn't spoken to him in so long.


"Why don't we all skype the boys?" I suggested taking a bite out of my food. Alice's fragile hand lifted the plastic fork to her now pale pink lips and nodded enthusiastically.


"Why not, I can beat Harry virtually." Harmony said shrugging  I smiled at her and got up to retrieve my laptop. I set it up so we all could see and instantly called all of them. They all picked up minus Zayn and he was over Perrie's, at 11 pm.


"That's disgusting." I muttered thinking dirty again. Harmony caught hold of my little thought and grimaced.


"Why in hells name are you- OH, Hi Alice." Niall said his cheeks turning red from embarrassment  I can't believe he just cursed in front of her so freely.


"Your slower then Harmony on Fridays." I said blankly at the screen. I was smacked shortly after my proclamation which made Alice giggle under her breathe.


"I see you guys got Nandos, when was I going to be told."


"Oh yeah Ni, we'll ship some Nandos to you right now just wait a week or 2." Harmony said sarcastically. 


Liams camera finally started working and Harry's cam only displayed his empty room. Sighing I waved to Liam. He waved back adjusting his hat so it was flipped back.


"Why are you wearing a hat at 1 am." Alice said timidly. He chuckled and shrugged, "I likes me a good hat." She giggled at his answer and continued to devour her food.


"How you feeling Alligator?" Niall said looking sympathetic. "I feel a little weird because the nurses told me I had to have this therapy where it gets really hot."


Niall and Liam nodded with smiles, fake of course. Now a days Harmony and I hadn't smiled as much as we were today for some reason.

"Well don't worry if it gets to hot I'll rush over and take you to Antarctica in only a swim suit." Liam added to the mix. She let out a  high pitched laugh covering her mouth aimlessly. I smiled and continued the longest conversation know to man. Harry finally joined the party and soon after we were mumbling goodbyes. Harmony yawned first signalling it must be time to go.


"I'm tired mummy, I'm gonna sleep now. Thank you for Nandos." She smiled sleepily at her mother. I grinned at the two admiring their similarities.


"Bye cupcake I'll see you tomorrow." They did their little handshake and soon me and Harmony were walking out side by side. I had  been wanting to ask a certain question since I first laid my eyes on her red haired structure but I never found the right time to do it. But now seemed undeniably perfect.


"Hey Monee." I blurted turning my cheek to look at her. She didn't look back but stuck the key into the hole of her car.




"How about a date." I said confidently. She froze and slowly turned on the heels of her high top Nikes. 


"A friendly date?" She half smiled and continued to unlock the door.


"How about we try something new." I suggested anxiously. My feet began to freeze up from the intense climate surrounding us until finally her door opened. I jumped in the passenger seat and let her drive.


"As in a date, date?" She continued nervously.


"Yeah, how bout it?" I said looking at her through the corner of my eye.


"How about it." She smiled.



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