Perfect Stranger

Harmony Ferrara was the average 18-year old mother. Her boyfriend left as soon as he heard the news, just like you see on those dreaded television shows. But what was different about her story? Well, she runs into the perfect stranger. But when her daughters health take a turns for the worst will this stranger provide the support that she needs to get through it all? Read on to find out.


10. Forever and always.

Chapter 10






I walked down the closed-in corridor of the hospital sending fake smiles to doctors and patients passing by. I noticed room 12 off in the distance, the same room we had stopped in front of yesterday. i closed my eyes and controlled my breathing trying my best not to break down again. I already did have an entire episode the night before. Everyone had left to visit their families before Christmas. It was already Dec. 10. 13 more days until the Jingle Ball. I wasn't going anymore truth be told. I can't leave my sick baby in a hospital. Alone for an entire weekend and she probably wasn't even allowed to leave. 


She was vulnerable now. Anything could hurt her. Her immune system wasn't as strong as it used to be and I wasn't taking anymore risks. 


I opened the door and noticed she was still asleep. Surprisingly, there weren't any IVs stuck in her arms like you'd usually see on a cancer patient. All she had was a breathing machine and a wire patched to her right arm, the same arm the lost all its feeling. I frowned at her and placed the small bag on the side table.


I shook her gently and brushed her hair away from her head admiring the sleeping figure in front of me. She made her little groans and moans slightly budging until I spoke the heavenly words, "I brought you a red velvet cupcake." She shot her eyes open and sat up slowly just to make sure I wasn't fibbing. When she noticed the familiar  brown paper bag with the small logo printed smack in the center, I was pushed lightly to the side. I giggled as she unwrapped the red treat from its paper concealer.


She smiled at me before she took a huge bite out of one the sides. Watching her be so happy and free made me break even more then I already was, I wonder if they told her what was going on.


"How do you feel tomato." I asked crumpling up the brown bag and tossing it in the white trash can in the corner.


"A little dizzy and my arm is sort of tingly, like when my feet fell asleep the other day." She informed me with a mouthful of icing. I nodded tapping my index finger to the cold rim of her hospital bed, pondering what could've been happening. Before I could answer the door burst open revealing Louis and Harry? I thought Harry had went to visit family yesterday, what was he still doing here.


"Hey tomato! How's my favorite little girl?" Harry exclaimed. Alice stuffed her face with the last bit and threw her arms out for a hug. He walked over and enclosed her small body gently taking caution to her fragile state.


"Hey guys." I mumbled shooting Harry a smile and Louis a blank stare. I hope he didn't think I actually forgave him. Harry gave me a sympathetic smile and hugged me tightly. I hugged him back just as tight and felt like never letting go, he made me feel safe inside. Like Louis used to make me feel but now that he lied I don't know if that will ever return.


"Why aren't you in Cheshire?" I asked wiping off the screen of my phone.

"My flight got cancelled because of the snowstorm that is coming in tonight, I'm actually leaving the 13th." He sighed running his hand through his nappy chocolate curls. I nodded remembering the news forecast. 


Louis was playing around with Alice and I simply couldn't keep my eyes off him. He was amazing with Alice, everything you could've asked for. Perfect.


"Staring isn't polite you know." Harry whispered in my ear sending me a cheeky grin. I rolled my eyes at him. 

"We all know you guys like each other, just admit it and go on with life."


"I never denied my liking of Louis, but now that he's gotten Eleanor pregnant it's just been hard reading it lately."


He stuffed his hands in his pockets shaking his head with a grin. "Why don't you two go talk for a while, I can watch the little munchkin." 


I looked into his eyes and he sent me a small wink. I trusted Harry of course but did I really want to talk to Louis. Sweet, Kind beautiful Louis the one boy I actually can't get enough of. No matter what he did I still love him even if he broke my heart. But there was nothing to talk about, he found a girl and that's that.


But I'll try it for Harry.


"Hey Louis could we um, go for a walk?" I coughed. He looked up from Alice his crystal blues locking with mine. I tried not to melt under his spell, but epically failed. He gathered his eyebrows together in confusion but needless to say, he followed me out the hospital.


"How about we go to the square, yeah?" I said giving him a short glimpse. He nodded and we began the short walk to Carters Square, where all the holidays shops were located right of the water to.


"Did Harry put you up to this?" He suddenly asked. I looked up from my snow covered Uggs and sheepishly nodded. He smiled at the ground which reminded me a certain song.

"You don't know-ow-ow you don't know your beautiful " I whispered slightly. He chuckled and looked up at me with a look of hope, maybe even happiness.


"I just wanted to tell you that um, I didn't get El pregnant. She cheated while we were dating and got pregnant with her current boyfriend truthfully." He stammered getting a little choked up throughout the sentence.


My heart sank into the it of my stomach and I felt like I was going to throw up. "Jesus...." I breathed feeling idiotic and mental.  "Louis I really didn't kn-"


"It's absolutely fine, the boys all know. Told em' before the left yesterday. Why weren't you there?" He said automatically changing the subject.


"I was with my friends Carter and Reberta, we were just talking. I said bye to the boys when you had dropped me off." I confessed. I remember the little talk I had with my two best friends they tried to calm me down last night but it didn't really work due to the fact I'm extremely stubborn. He nodded understandingly as we neared the light up square. Christmas music was playing out of the surrounding speakers gently filling the ears of the few people walking down the path. I noticed the dark waters swaying to the side of a black rail I and Louis leaned as we conversed about Alice.


"D-Do you think she will make it?" I said suddenly turning glum. I felt a warm sensation come to my palm as he gripped hold of the dangling limb.

"I'm not God Harmony but I can guarantee Alice will be perfectly fine where ever she goes." He said softly looking into my eyes. I felt a new feeling come over me, the one you don't get often. That feeling mixed with jitters and excitement. With a dose of woe and sadness, but you knew all to well you were going to be okay. Because that one special person was going to help you through your problems and let you live your life. 


"Ya know, I was talking to Alice one night and she was telling all about how her father never wanted her and all." He began. I frowned turning to study the dark water that was illuminated by the bright stars and moon above. It was full, the craters and nooks visible.


"She was even crying, it just made me feel like she was mines to keep. To protect. And the one thing about Alice that I cant\'t get over and never will is her ingenuity and strength. She makes me feel like a mouse even if she is only 3 feet tall." He said letting a chuckle come with it. I let silent tears fall as I listened to his speech. It broke my heart she knew so much already. the fact that she knew all about her father and I. 


"But more importantly, she reminds me of you in so many ways." He whispered  looking from the moon to the waters. I stayed quiet letting everything digest before I turned and gave him a heart warming hug.


"Louis I'm so sorry for everything I said and did. Your everything I could've wanted as a...a guy and your just amazing." I stuttered not really knowing how to address him. I loved Louis more then anything, besides Alice. I lied to Harry, I not only like this crazy boy from Doncaster. I love him, the way normal people love the first scoop of ice cream from a new container, or having time in a parking machine when you get there. Maybe even as much as you love your parents. But mostly,



I loved him like you'd love the greatest thing in the world..





AWWW. Ok I have a wattpad, so you guys need to go on there. It's PeaceIsKey. Please read my books, thats why Ive been gone like forever Im sorry :( But Im definitely updating more. Might delete my other book, Fearful to Fearless because it just suckkkks. Oook leave me comments please I love you so much for reading this and that ^ SOOOO MUCH. -sorry for grammar or spelling mistakes-

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