Perfect Stranger

Harmony Ferrara was the average 18-year old mother. Her boyfriend left as soon as he heard the news, just like you see on those dreaded television shows. But what was different about her story? Well, she runs into the perfect stranger. But when her daughters health take a turns for the worst will this stranger provide the support that she needs to get through it all? Read on to find out.


5. Different.

Chapter 5





It was a day after Harmony had came over and I was waiting outside of Eleanor's condominium. Niall and all the rest of us had given Harmony our numbers after we hit it off. I was to shook up to really notice; after all Eleanor just gave me the kind of a news a man in my situation doesn't want to hear. I saw her exiting from the front door and that's when I revved up the engine. I wasn't truthfully excited to be taking my ex to the doctors to check if she was pregnant or not, so once she got in I barely gave her a second glance.


"Come on Lou-"


"Don't call me that." I said sternly, keeping my eyes on the road. She shifted in her seat and let out a loud groan.


"When did you find out?" I asked pushing aside my annoyance and speaking. "3 days ago, I took the test and it said positive but I just want to make sure." She said plainly. We drove in silence, not awkward nor comfortable, tense was what I'd label it. We finally pulled up to the front of the office and climbed out approaching the entrance. I held the door open for her as she walked in and that's when I heard the most horrifying sound known to any celebrity. The click. I turned and saw a paparazzi hiding in the far off bushes snapping photos. I sighed and walked inside running a hand through my hair. Now everyone on Twitter will know me and El were visiting a doctors office and they'll immediately jump to conclusions. At least if she is pregnant with my child I don't have to tell them straight up "Yes, Eleanor my ex girlfriend is pregnant with my baby." I sighed again, and walked up to the front desk; Eleanor by my side.


"We scheduled an appointment for 9 am." I said plainly to the elderly woman who gave me a warm smile. 


"Dr. Herbert will be with you momentarily." She replied returning to her huge stacks of paper work. Minus the fact the I'm here, Harmony was still on my mind. I don't think she'll ever fully leave and I didn't mind at all. Her laugh was replaying in my head which always bring a smile to my lips. But like I was thinking the other day, I highly doubt she had feelings for me. At the back of my mind I was also thinking of the Jingle Ball and who I wanted to take. I definitely wouldn't mind escorting Harmony but, to my dismay, she'd probably turn me down. And otherwise it is only December 8th. I have 15 more days to persuade her. 


"Tomlinson." The secretary called, I stood to my feet along with Eleanor who was on her phone and followed the nurse to the back. We entered a room the was cream white with a sink and counter top towards the back aligned with supplies. Eleanor sat on the patients chair where as I sat on a chair similar to the ones we were inhabiting in the waiting room. I looked at Eleanor who had tears stinging at her eyes. I got up and hugged her, not a friendly hug but a loving hug. Even though I have lost all feelings for her whatsoever, if me and her were to be expecting I could at least get used to it. 


"It's okay El, just wait until the doctor confirms it, we'll be fine." I whispered quietly into her hair. She nodded weakly and wiped her tears with the back of her hand. I stepped back and sat down in my chair once more clasping my hands together and praying that all this wasn't happening.


"Calder and Tomlinson!" The doctor, Herbert exclaimed, I got up and shook his hand along with Eleanor. 


"Well since Ms. Calder had called in earlier this week and already visited we have the results." I looked at her shocked that she'd lied to me and said she hadn't come here yet. I just inferred that she wanted me here for the news. So she wouldn't have to go through it all alone. I shook it off and looked at the tall blonde doctor who was consumed by his paperwork. 

"Well Ms. Calder it looks as though, you are pregnant." He said casually looking back at us. Both our eyes were wide and glossy from the tears filling them rapidly. "But it's not Mr. Tomlinsons.." He continued awkwardly switching from Eleanor to me.


"I'll leave you two alone, but once you check out you are free to go." He informed us with a regular look on his face. I guess he'd broken news to people this same way because he didn't look sorry at all. I nodded him away and looked at Eleanor who had her head in her hands. Once the door closed she broke down in tears. At that moment I didn't even want to be near her. She'd only started dating Daniel about 3 weeks ago like she'd told me. And if it wasn't mine it had to his. I had mixed emotion from completely pissed to apologetic. I know it's strange to be sorry for the person that practically cheated on you then  broke your heart, but I couldn't help it. I watched her melt down and a felt a tear fall from my eye. It was all so much to handle in one sitting. Your girlfriends pregnant with some guy she just started dating, impossible. She had to have cheated on me, it was the only way possible. I got up from my seat and walked out leaving her there to wallow in her well deserved tears. I walked to my car tears spilling and heard the dreaded clicks and snaps once more. I kept walking not giving the person one minute of my time. Immediately I got inside once I unlocked it. I called a cab for Eleanor because I couldn't barely even think about her let alone sit in a car with her. I left the office heading straight to the house where everyone was. Excluding Harmony..







I woke up that morning to Alice's obsessive coughing. It didn't even sound remotely like a cough now, more like hacking. I jumped out of bed entering her room. She lied stiffly in her bed her nose red and stuffy. 


"Mommy I can't feel my arms." She said coughing in between her words. My eyes grew wide and I rushed to her bedside getting down on my knees so everything was leveled out. I poked her arm and she didn't move at all. I became extremely worried and frantic. I rushed to the phone almost slipping because of my none grip socks and called Doctor Magee.


"Yeah she can't feel her arms and she's been coughing all week." I stayed silent listening to her response.


"I gave her cold medicine but I think this might be more then a simple cold." I said frantically biting my nails. She ordered me to stop by for some tests and with that I hung up. I took no time in getting dressed as my appearance didn't matter. I put her in her coat and slipped on her furry boots along with a scarf and we were out the door. While in the car I thought back to the past week. At the boys' house she was so energetic and fun. Laughing and beating up everyone, being the normal Alice. But now she's as sick as a dog, maybe even worse. We arrived in front of the hospital doors checking in the front of the busy office.


"Oh Mrs. Magee is already for you, room 56" I nodded picking up Alice and walking to the patients room. I opened the door and greeted the doctor who sat in the corner of the room peering at Alice's' files.


"What's up Doc." Alice questioned in her bugs bunny impersonation. She never failed to make me laugh even in times like these. The doctor smiled at Alice greeting me with a kiss on the cheek. I sat Alice on the patients chair staring nervously as Dr. Magee checked her heartbeat and her ears. 


She poked her in the center where her to bones meet and Alice didn't even flinch. I was completely shocked and I felt like throwing up. I never knew what it felt like to be a mother, being this nervous and freaked out when it could just be a simple cold.


"That's extremely peculiar, we're gonna run some tests and hope for the best." She said giving me a weary look. We ventured to the room the was filled with all kinds of machines and one huge keyboard looking contraption.


"Oooh sciencey." Alice cooed as I walked into the room. The doctor took her from me and set her up on a CAT scan. She laid flat on her back and Magee came back over  to the keyboard looking machine tapping a button and watching Alice entered inside. I'm guessing the doctor told her to stay still because she wasn't moving at all. I was shaking like you would when its below freezing outside. Magee put her arm around me causing me to stop shivering, mostly. Some pictures appeared on the screen and she printed them out glaring at them with a confused look. She let Alice back out and smiled nervously at me.


"Somethings definitely not right about her arms, but if you just give her some cold medicine the coughing should stop, come back if it stays persistent. I have to look under my microscope to figure out what exactly is wrong but we will call you with the news, for now keep Alice in her room in warm temperatures." she informed me. I nodded noting everything she just said in my head. 


We exited with Alice in my arms and waved to the doctor. I was more then terrified. This could be anything, a life threatening disease for all I know. I made a left turn and could see our small apartment complex not to far off. Once we got inside I followed all of the doctors instructions and gave her some tea on top of it all. When she was sound asleep I took out my phone and texted all the boys saying 'Heey'.


Louis replied back 5 minutes later along with no one else. I sighed and texted him back with a 'what's up' I truly wanted to say 'why were you so sad yesterday' but you can't exactly just blurt it out. Louis had grown on me  but he still needed to make up for that little flirtatious comment he bellowed at me the other day.


'A lot of stuff, the sky the sun...' He trailed. I chuckled despite the fact I was slowly going into depression. Louis and Alice had that effect on me unlike no other. I was so busy with the Jingle Ball, Alice getting sick, work and keeping up with myself that I barely laughed lately. 


'What about you?' He replied with a smiley face. I smiled at my phone and sent back 'Al's sick in bed, had to take her to the doctor to get a scan but I hope she's okay.' I typed dampening the mood.


'Yikes, tell her I said get well soon baboon.' I chuckled at the little name he gave her and simply said 'Will do' He was so chill about it and I wish I could be that calm at the moment. He was like the person you talk to when your mom dies or your simply having a bad day and need a weight lifted off your shoulders. 


He was like my rock and I wasn't sure why but whenever I talked about him I got this feeling like something was exploding everywhere in my body. It was a nice sensation but at the same time I hated it, I couldn't like Louis I literally just met the guy. This is the exact same thing that happened with Alice's father and I wasn't looking forward to any relationship of that kind right now. But I couldn't help but think this could all be different.

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