Meeting Harry

a young girl who meets One Direction and falls in love with Harry. her friends all fall in love with someone too from their group as well.


9. Vacation Fun and another suprise!!

Shoshanna's P.O.V

I just cant believe he proposed to me.

I all of my friends and the boys congratulated me.

The waitress came up to me and asked what would i liked i ordered spaghetti with a glass of water.

We started a convo about university.

And then another suprise happened.

Niall pulled out a ring for Natasha.

Omg im so excited for her.

"will u marry me Tash" he asked

"of course!!!' tash said and then niall pulled her into a short gentle kiss.

"congrats tash" we all said.

She looked so suprised and Happy!!!!

We all got our food and started to eat.

We all finished and only Niall and Louis were still hungry so they are the only ones who had dessert.

After they had finished we all went back to our rooms at the resort.

I was so tired.

When we got back i quickly changed into some sweat shorts and a grey singlet.

I brushed my hair and i put it in a high bun.

I brushed my teeth and i went to bed.

When i was lying in bed Harry said something "hey babe ill just be out side" he said then he kissed me on the forehead.

I slowly fell asleep.

-----Next Morning-----

I wokeup and someone was screaming.

I walked outside onto the deck and see that all the girls have been thrown in the water on purpose oh god they are gonna get me.

I felt someone pick me up and throw me in the water.

I screamed and i splashed into the water.

I was still in my pj's so i got mad.

"hey" i shouted with a angry look.

'u know we girls will get revenge" i said

The boys looked worried.

I swam to the latter and i went up.

The boys were laughing at all of us.

I quickly went inside my room and i signaled the girls to come too.

"ok this is a plain, when they go to sleep get icecold water and dunk it on them." i said

"totally" Tash said and the girls agreed.

I went to the shower and i hoped in.

I washed my hair and myself.

I came out and i put on my purple bikini, some shorts and a white bando to cover my bikini.

I put on some white flip flops and i put a few bracelets on.

I put my hair up to a messy bun.

I put on some lipgloss and im ready to go..

Authors comments-

I hoped u liked the chapter




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