Meeting Harry

a young girl who meets One Direction and falls in love with Harry. her friends all fall in love with someone too from their group as well.


1. Meeting

Shoshanna P.O.V

I wakeup, me and my friend. i have brown long hair and dark blue eyes. i m slightly tall. i am just about to finish high school with all my friends. my friend that is with me has light brown hair and blue eyes. she is fairly tall. 

it all starts at her house...

we wake up and we are both at Kassia's house. we get up and Kassia house a shower first. she washes her hair and stuff. after she is still in her bathroom getting ready for like 10 minutes after that. i found out that she was blow drying her hair and straightening it. after she put on a small amount of make up. she comes out dressed in shorts that are teal and a singlet. she has vans on. 

as i get in the shower i was my hair. after i hop out and get ready. i blow dry my hair and put on a small amount of make up. after i come out having vans, a top that is white on and my shorts. 

Kassia goes and tells her mum that we are leaving to go for a run. we grab our jackets, water bottles and ipods. my jacket is a leather one that is black and Kassia's is a canvas red jacket. as we are running a few hot guys come up  to us. this is where i meet him...

Kassia's P.O.V

we are both running and we meet these really cute guys. there was this one guy that gave me his number and he was really cute. Shoshanna is into this other guy with curly hair and emerald eyes. they all looked like they worked out. 

so it was about 8am and we are walking home. we were told by them to meet them at the park 2 blocks from here. 

we got home in excitment just to find that everyone had cooked us breakfast, bacon and eggs. the table was set up with juice and stuff. 

hey Shoshanna, who was that  cute guy you were talking to? i say

oh nobody, he was just amazing. with a reply

Hey Kassia, who was the delicous boy you were talking to? she said

og nobody, he had great taste in fashion though... i would say of course.

as we get to the breaky table mum asks who these boys were.

i replied. oh just some people we ran into when we were jogging to the park.

Shoshanna's P.O.V

we eat all our breaky and run upstairs to get ready. to start of with we didnt know what to wear. after we found out that we should wear shorts, vans and some sort of shirt, of course. i wore a white shirt as Kassia wore a singlet. we both had jackets on over the top. Kassia straightened her hair again and then put on a little bit more make of. she thought it had came off. i just waited for her seeing that my make up didnt come of.

we walk down stairs and tell mum we are going out for the day. as we head to the park we saw them walking to us from the park. we still decide to be cheeky and walk to the park anyway. as we got to know them all and how they were famous we were uppset. half the time we wouldnt be able to see them. 

Kassia was upset but still Zayn, the one with good fashion held her  close and didnt let go. for Harry the really amazing boy with the emeraled eyes was holding my hand. we decided that we wernt going to do anything for now. after the day passed by they walked us home. we had each and every one of their numbers. 

Kassia's P.O.V

the next day we got to school and everyone kept saying thaat 5 new boys were coming here. aparently they were really cute. we were upset because i hadnt seen him for a while. walking into the school at 8am. there is like nobody here. we see 5 cute boys coming out of the office not knowing where they were. Shoshanna and i go running up to them and say where there next classes are. 

looking into his eyes was different to the other day. he was so amazing. we introduced the boys to the class. we didnt know they were in the same classes as us. i think Shoshanna does study lessons after school with Harry but i dont know about Zayn yet. i didnt want t go to far on the first day. it was A.M break.

finally it was such a long class as Shoshanna says. 

we were walking to our group of friends that we sit with and then someones arms comes up around me. i was scared. 

turning around i see Zayn but only a blink for he had his lips on mine. Harry was the same with Shoshanna. we got to our table and the other 3 girls were shocked at what they see. all of them together with us standing next to Zayn and Harry. 

Caitlin, Madison, and Natasha were all wondering who were these. Niall did the honour of gretting everyone and the girls mouths dropped open. 

Shoshanna's P.O.V 

i turn around because i wanted to talk to Harry but nothing happens except for him kissing me. i turned back around  blushing and see the others are all getting to know one another except Zayn and Kassia. they were up in the tree just sitting there. 

turning back around now and all Harry does is kissed me. im thinking wow he can kiss and where is he going with this?...

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