Meeting Harry

a young girl who meets One Direction and falls in love with Harry. her friends all fall in love with someone too from their group as well.


2. Harry is so sweet!!<3

Shoshanna's P.O.V

Harry gave me the best kiss eva!

Harry is so sweet. I only met him but hes amazing.

-Next Day-

I wake up today feeling happy its sport days and i get to see harry and the others. I pick up my phone and call Kassia. Ring Ring ring.. Hello said kassia oh hey whats up i say nothin much u she says back well wanna go and get a coffee i asked. Sure why not she replies. Ok meet at the Gloria Jeans for a coffee in 30 minutes i say ok she says bye i say bye see ya soon kassia replied.

I hung up the phone and started to have a shower and wash my hair. I get out of the shower and chuck on my black tank top, purple shorts and white high knee top converse. I start curling my hair the i put on some makeup. Now start getting my school bag ready then head off to the cafe.

I get to the cafe and kassia's there. We both order: a soy been latte with whip cream!! my favourite! :)

I ask her has she talked to Zayn yet since yesterday she says yes beacause she was texting him. She asks me the same question with harry and i say of course.

After i we finish our lattes' we start heading off to school in my car since Kassia's car is getting serviced and i got mine done days ago.

Kassia's P.O.V

We hop into shoshanna's car and head off to school.

We get to school expecting Zayn and Harry are there waiting for us and they were.

We get out of the car and first thing shoshanna does is run up to harry and leap into his arms and i run up to Zayn and give him a big kiss. i ask Zayn what classes he has today and he says he's got maths, science and History with me!! omg he is so adorable!!

I over heard harry say hes got maths, english, history and science with shoshanna so i guess they are in a good mood.

First me and Zayn have science and i was looking forward to science because we choose different partners every week or stay the same and im gonna choose Zayne for sure!....


Authors comments;

sorry made a part 2 of harry is so sweet!!<3

check out my Meeting harry book for any updates!!


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