Meeting Harry

a young girl who meets One Direction and falls in love with Harry. her friends all fall in love with someone too from their group as well.


3. Harry is so sweet!!<3 part 2!

We get into the science room and sit down at the back on the left hand side, thats the spot where you can see everything and see Mr Oz's sweat on his back because he walks up and down the desk line to see that everyone is working.

'Good morning class' he says.

" good morning mr oz' everyone else says.

then he checks off the role.

"April Winters'


'Sophie Garcia'


then so on...

First we start off with a science test and this one was going to be hard but easy for me.

5 minutes into the test Zayn wispered ' im stuck on question 16 can you help me babe"

"sure, the answer is Sodium Bi carbinate" i say

"thx babe' said Zayn softly

'no problem i say

15 mintues later.. " class hand in ur test now" Mr oz said

Everyone turns in their paper.

Shoshanna's P.O.V

We just finished watching a history slide show and it was sooooooooo boring, i think harry slept throught it most of the time but i cant blame him it was boring.

- End of School bell-

We got out of school and kassia, Zayn , Harry my other friend Madie, Louis, Niall and Liam and i all go straight to shopping mall for early dinner because we are gonna see a terror movie.

We get to the mall 45minutes late then we expected because there was traffic which was awful.

We order early dinner and eat it then we start heading over to ther cinema. We get our tickets and head in. We were just in time to see the very start of the movie.

In the middle of the movie i got so scared and Harry wrapped his arms around me. I felt a lot safer with Harry beside me.

It was now 6:45pm, we the girls head off to the clothes store Supre and buy some stuff while the boys go off to their fav clothes store and buy some clothes.

We come back all meeting at the food court with bags stuffed with clothes.

We all head around to Madie's House, when we get there we head in and start  doing a fashion show for the boys because we didnt know what to do. Then harry makes this so sweet of a comment to me and i just kiss him and thank him for what he said. Harry Is just sooooooooooo Sweet and i will never want him to go!!


Author's comments:

Hoped you like my Part 2 of Harry is so sweet!!<3

soon will be coming AN qiving you a sneek peek of the New chapter coming; All of us on early vaca!

This chapter will be longer i promise you so i leave with you something to definitely read.



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