Meeting Harry

a young girl who meets One Direction and falls in love with Harry. her friends all fall in love with someone too from their group as well.


7. Arrival

Omg we arrive in Hawaii.

This place is so pretty.

" i love u soooooooooo much harry' i said in a too of a loud voice to Harry.

" hope u like it babe" he said

" of course i do" i said in reply

He had a big smile on his face and i did too.

I heard Tash scream and say OMG ITS HAWAII

it was really loud

We get our luggage and then we get into two different cabs to go to our hotel we are staying at.

" actually i haven't told that we actually are staying at a resort' harry said to me.

" really that's even better" i say back

Now im super duper happy.

We get to the resort and the resort is built over water that is so awesome.

We get to our rooms and it was 2pairs a room so Harry, me, Madie and louis were in one room, Tash, Niall, Kassia and Zayn were in one room and Caitlin, Liam were put in our room since there wasn't another pair to share a room with.

We go to our rooms and the first thing that me, Madie and Caitlin do is find our bikini's and jump into the water. Then the boys jump in as well. And the other girls.

We were having a blast in the water. This water was so clean yet so clear.

harry suddenly come's up from down in the water and puts me on his shoulders and the other boys do it to the girls as well. They were having a contest of who can have their girlfriend up for the longest and it was down to me and harry vs Tash and Niall then we both fall down at the same time so it was a ty. 

Me and harry were just swimming together and we were so relaxed.

Author's comments

it took me along time to have time to do it so yeah.

Hope u like it

xoxo shushi>3

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