Meeting Harry

a young girl who meets One Direction and falls in love with Harry. her friends all fall in love with someone too from their group as well.


5. All of us on vaca!

Shoshanna's P.O.V

After we finish the fashion show for the boys, the boys have to do the same thing.

So the boys show of their new clothes to us and Harry looked so cute in his new clothes!

After they finished their fashion show the boys said there good byes and headed home and Kassia and i stayed at Madie's house.

-Week Later-

I wakeup expecting to find harry sleeping on the couch and the other boys on the floor and my friends Kassia, Madie, Caitlin and Natasha there too.

Today was a Saturday so that means we dont have school which is awesome!

I hop in the shower and wash my hair. I get out and i chuck on my new maxi dress and some white sandels and then i blow dry my hair and curl it. I put on a small amount of makeup. Then start cooking breakfast and when i started to cook the eggs Caitlin wokeup.

'Go and have a shower and freshen up." i said to her.

"ok' she replied back.

Caitlin's P.O.V

After i had a shower i get out and i put on my blue tank top with some white tribal print leggings and some black sandels. Then i blow dry my hair and straighten it. Then i put on a small amount of makeup.

After i had finished getting ready i wakeup Madie and i tell her to freshen up in Shoshanna's bathroom, i wakeup Kassia and tell her to freshen up in the guest bathroom and i wakeup Natasha and tell her to freshen up in the down stairs bathroom.

I ask if shoshanna needs any help with the breakfast and she said i could help make ciniamon toast so i said yes.

The boys start waking up and the girls have all ready freshen up so i tell the boys to take turns of freshening up for today and before breakfast.

-30 minutes later-

Everyone has freshen up and breakfast is ready.

" Start eating everyone!" said shoshanna

We all start eating and this breakfast is delicious!

It smells amazing and looks amazing.\

Madie's P.O.V

This breakfast was delicious. I think that i really might have a  thing for Louis i mean he looks at me in a way of liking so yeah.

I asked Liam if Louis liked me and he said yes! YAY! i am so happy.

 We all start to head off to water park today since it is boiling hot.

Im wearing a blue tribal print maxi dress with white sandels and a bikini  under.

Shoshanna's wearing a a purple maxi dress, with white sandels and a bikini under.

Kassia's wearing a orange singlet with white shorts, orange sandels and a bikini under.

Natasha is wearing a baby pink tank top with white shorts, brown sandels and a bikini under.

And Caitlin is wearing a blue tank top with knee length tribal white leggings, with black sandels and a bikini under.

And the boys were wearing their swimmers and a t-shirt.

-45 minutes later-

We get to the theme park,.

First thing we do is find a spot to put all of our stuff then start going on slides.

I went with Louis to a ride, Shoshanna goes with Harry to a slide, Natasha goes with Niall to a slide, Kassia goes with Zayn to a ride and Caitlin goes with Liam to a ride.

Me and Louis have so much fun by our selves. We went down this really steep slide and it was awesome.

Natasha's P.O.V

We Niall and i head off to this ride that is the steepest ride. When it was our turn to go down the ride i was scared but i had Niall with me so that the ride made me not as scared.

-4 hours later-

We have all met back at our stuff is and we pack it up and start heading over to Shoshanna's hosue and we start having a balloon fight there. Team Girls won!

Then the boys said best out of three so we agree and start water balloon fighting again.

After finishing three round the Girls won!

But i think the boys took it easy on us.

Shoshanna's P.O.V

Harry and the boys said they needed to ask everyone  something. I was wondering what it was.

They asked us if we wanted to go on VACATION WITH THEM AND WE SAID OF COURSE!

Now we get to go on vaca with them and spend more time with them!..

Author's comments

This Chapter took me an hour to get it finished and i really hope you like it.

Again there is gonna be a part 2 to its that should come out this arvo or tomorrow so keep looking at the Meeting Harry book for any updates!


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