~Nobody Compares~

Louis fanfiction (the boys aren't famous)


2. 2


"Yes I'll be your girlfriend." I said with a smile. He pulled me in for another kiss and we started making out. Then we heard a bunch of ew stops. So we stopped kissing and we were all tired of playing truth or dare. "Who wants to watch a movie?" I asked. "I do." said Louis as he's kissing my nose. "Hey Liam you can pick the movie." Louis said and I knew he was going to regret that after Liam picks because we all knew he was going to pick a disney movie. "Liam and Niall your the only one in our group of friends that doesn't have a girlfriend." said Harry. "No that's a lie I have a girlfriend." stated Liam. "Well what's her name and why haven't we heard anything about her?" "Well her name is Kalley she has long brown hair that is curly all the time or up in a ponytail. She also is short and has bright blue eyes and a beautiful smile with braces. I love her so much I would do anything for her." "Awe." all the girls said in unison. Liam put the movie in and it turned out to be Toy Story 2. "Why don't you call Kalley and have her come over here?" asked Louis. "Yeah we all want to meet her." I stated. "Okay I'll call her but last I knew she was shopping with her friend Jaqueline."      Liam left the room to call Kalley and when he came back she was on her way and she was bringing the other girl I'm not sure what her name was I forgot. We didn't start the movie until they got here so they weren't coming in the middle of the movie. When they walk through the door I was stunned Kalley was gorgeous. She had really good taste in clothing too. She was wearing a sparkly black tank top, neon pink skinny jeans, black sparkly high heel ankle boots,and an infinity necklace. She walked over to where Liam was sitting and gave him a peck on the lips. "Kalley, these are all my friends Niall, Louis, Amanda, Harry, Natasha, Zayn, and Ivy." "Hi, I'm Kalley." she said walking up to us and hugging us. "and this is Jaqueline." We all said "Hi" in unison.      We all sat on the couch Liam and Kalley cuddling, Ivy sitting on Zayn's lap, Natasha sitting at Harry's feet, Niall sitting in the recliner, Jaqueline sitting next to Kalley and Liam, and then Louis and I cuddling. We ended up starting with the first Toy Story instead of the second and we ended up watching all of them. Louis and I didn't really watch it we spent most of the time making out. I'm not a big fan of the Toy Story movies so I kind of pulled Louis away from the movie but I don't think he cared that much or even at all. I can say I didn't mind one bit.      "Well I don't know about you guys but I love these movies." Liam said. "I love them and you." said Kalley. "And I love you." Liam said after kissing her forehead. "I have a great idea we can all stay here tonight and have a gigantic movie night. We also could play a bunch of games and other stuff like that." Louis said. "Well we'd have to go get some pajamas and then come back here. I could also grab some snacks if you come with me Louis." I suggested. "Sounds like a plan let's all meet back here around five or five thirty." 
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