Olivia, jess and Louise are three famous girls in an amazing girl band that's struggling in the music industry.when 'new' boy band 1D come along into the world of music, the girls despise them, but what is Olivia hiding? Keep reading if u want to know more !!! Please be nice- its my first !!! Xx


5. Summer love

We had a really good time in the studio! We sang 'i want ' and 'summer love' for a greatest hits album they were working on. I had so much fun actually!! I take back all I've said about them, they're really nice guys. ;) on the way out Harry grabbed my arm and said, " will I see you around then?"

I nodded, smiled and walked out, not without a 'group hug' formed by Niall. He must really like hugging people :D xx

I just wished the others would believe me ! They didn't though.

"what do you mean 'they're nice guys!"? They're all idiots with big heads"jess had yelled,
"urrrgghhh!!! I can't believe your saying this!" she stormed off and banged the front door shut.

Louise said, a little calmer if I'm perfectly honest ,"she has a valid point,Liv. They are ruining our career"

My mum came in and said "well, you'll be able to find out that they are nice, Louise' mum has invited us around to theirs tomorrow and were going- all of us, including jess.
The look on Louise's face after that was hilarious !!!!! ;D
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