Olivia, jess and Louise are three famous girls in an amazing girl band that's struggling in the music industry.when 'new' boy band 1D come along into the world of music, the girls despise them, but what is Olivia hiding? Keep reading if u want to know more !!! Please be nice- its my first !!! Xx


4. Studio-part 2

I walked into abbey road , trudging through the snow that was all around me, wanting to get to the studio, but he just held on. I'd had enough now...

"what do you want ?" I asked him, with a clear irritation in my voice.
" I wanted to ask you something that's all"
"oh, what's that then?"
I was just wondering,seems as though your such an amazing singer, if you wanted to record a song with me and the boys just now? , you don't have to like, just an idea" he said, not as angrily as I did.

I had to think about it obviously, it's was a hard decision to make as I kind if do despise all of them.
I really didn't know what to do or say for that matter...

"yes of course I'd love to, glad you asked really !"

Niall came up to me and hugged me and sweetly said "that's great, I'm excited now, this is amazing!!" , then he dragged me into the studio and we started to record.
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