Olivia, jess and Louise are three famous girls in an amazing girl band that's struggling in the music industry.when 'new' boy band 1D come along into the world of music, the girls despise them, but what is Olivia hiding? Keep reading if u want to know more !!! Please be nice- its my first !!! Xx


3. Studio

I woke up the next day needing to go to the recording studio with the girls. I travelled for ages on this train that was so boring I ended up going to sleep! :)
I woke up at the stop before Houston, the one we needed to get off at. I nearly nodded off again but jess made sure I didn't until we got to Houston station.

There were a load of paparazzi outside on the street so we all had to leg it. What would they want us for anyway? But they didn't, did they ?! It was only 1D getting off just a few steps behind us.
That's when I got annoyed.

I ran and ran until I got to the recording studio- abbey road- to release a new album that was supposed to help us get back on track. I knew it was going to be hard for us but we had to do it if we wanted our lives back.
I felt someone hold my hand from behind and squeezed it thinking it was either jess or Louise, but when I saw them both in front of me, i instantly turned around finding Harry styles holding it smiling cheerily at me.
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