Olivia, jess and Louise are three famous girls in an amazing girl band that's struggling in the music industry.when 'new' boy band 1D come along into the world of music, the girls despise them, but what is Olivia hiding? Keep reading if u want to know more !!! Please be nice- its my first !!! Xx


6. Bombshell

We went over the next day to Louis' house, at about 7:00. His mum, ellouise was probably one of the nicest people Ive ever met! She was so nice to us the whole time, and acted as if she'd known us for like forever.

I pulled jess and louise aside separately to ask how they thought it was going, jess, suprisingly(not) said she was having the WORST time.
Louise,however, was really enjoying herself. I'm glad about that.i knew that jess would get to like them sooner or later. After I dropped the bombshell...
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