Olivia, jess and Louise are three famous girls in an amazing girl band that's struggling in the music industry.when 'new' boy band 1D come along into the world of music, the girls despise them, but what is Olivia hiding? Keep reading if u want to know more !!! Please be nice- its my first !!! Xx


1. Hard time

Olivia's P.O.V
November 22nd , 2011

" honey, breakfast's ready" my mum,Kate yelled from downstairs.
" coming!!!" I yelled as I darted out of bed and made a run for it, as in this big house, you have to be quick to reach the dining room before the boys do.

" what's for breakfast?" I asked as politely as I possibly could, 'cause when your hungry, it's hard to control yourself sometimes.It was one of those times.

My mum didn't reply as she was on the phone. She's on there a lot these days ,seems as though she's my groups 'manager'. Let me explain...

Me and my two best friends , Louise and Jessica are in a famous girl group called 'just go with it', and although we've been probably the best and most organised in the industry, we're not doing too well because we're not popular enough and we need more tours and things- I mean we need time off at home with our families when we're not working and apparently were not allowed to do that- well it makes no difference to me 'cause it's like I'm at work at home. The girls are always round, mums still acting as my manager and the band one direction live next door but one. That's the real problem.....
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