Like Brother Like Sister

Madison Bieber has everything she could ask for.She’s the younger sister of Justin Bieber and famous just like him too.She’s even the girlfriend of Harry Styles. but things between Harry and Madison could change forever because of what they did when they weren’t together while they were dating.


1. The Begnning



Madison Nicole Bieber was 16 years old. She had everything that people will die to have. A perfect family, an awesome older-famous-brother, two younger siblings, awesome parents,amazing-also famous- best friends, and an amazing-yet again, famous- crush.

Yes,Madison is related to Justin Bieber. Madison hangs out with a lot of celebs like Cody Simpson, One Direction, Selena Gomez, Big Time Rush, and much more.

Madison has the hugest crush on Niall Horan. She has hung out with him many times before. Even went on dates with him, as friends. She loves hanging out with him because all she does is smile, laugh, and be herself all the time.

Madison did, once, dated Cody Simpson. It was a year long relationship between the two. But Madison is now happy as Cody’s friend.

When Madison was born on May 7th,1996, Justin was 2 years old. Though Madison was adopted by Pattie and Jeremy when she was a few months old. Madison saw Pattie and Jeremy as her real parents. She doesn't know about her real parents but does know that shes adopted. She was 10 years old once she found out but took it very well.

By the time Madison had turn 18, she wanted to become what her older brother was. She started working with Scooter and Usher and everyone who worked with Justin.

Madison worked with different artists, did a duet with her older brother and starred in singing tv shows like “GLEE”.

When she finally gotten a record deal with the same group as Justin’s record deal came from, she was happy.

“Justin!” Madison screamed.

“What Madison?” Justin asked, walking into her room, at his own place.

Madison lived with Justin since he had moved out of their mother’s place.

She looked at him.“I got a record deal!”

“Kidding right?” He asked getting happy for his little sister.

“Nope!”She said with excitement in her voice. She showed him the paper that was her record deal paper.

Justin smiled brightly.“Congrats baby sister.” He told her, still smiling brightly.

“I say party!”Madison said. She tweeted it, Facebook-it, and Myspace-it.


Later that evening, Madison was getting ready by doing her hair and make-up for the party.

Justin came in her room with someone.“Visitor for my baby sister!”He told her.

“Hey Biebs!” Her best friend, Taylor said.

“Hey guys! How’s and where's Kelsey?"Madison asked hugging her.

“She’s good. And watching her kids. She doesn’t really party much anymore.”Taylor told Madison. They have all been best friends since preschool. But at the age of 18, they all grew apart. Taylor went to do her photography, Madison lived with Justin and went on tour with him before getting signed, and Kelsey had twins.

“I see. I’ll come see her soon. Prom-.” Madison stopped talking once she saw Niall.

Harry smiled and Madison ran to him and hugged him tightly. "Niall." She whispered.

“Hey, Madison.” Niall whispered.“I missed you.”He told her. “A lot.”

“I missed you too, Niall.” Madison closed her eyes.“A lot…” She added

“There’s something I wanna know.” Niall pulled away from Madison and looked into her eyes.

“What’s that, Harry?” Madison asked Niall, blushing when he looked into her eyes.

“Do you… Wanna… Go out… And… Be my girlfriend?” Niall asked, slowly and nervously.

Madison couldn’t stop smiling as he asked the question. “Yes!” She told him,smiling still. “I will love too!” 

Niall smiled brightly and hugged her again, kissing her cheek. “Good!” He said in his sweet and very cute Irish accent that Madison always love.

Madison smiled and didn’t let go of Niall as she hugged him back.

The Boys walked in while Niall was asking Madison out and when they saw them hugging, They went, “Aww!”

Niall and Madison looked at them. “Hey Guys!” Madison smiled.

Louis smiled. “Well, my mate here found himself a lovely girl.” He said, clearly proud of Niall.

Harry smiled also. “And Madison is blushing! Lets keep making her blush, boys!”

Madison hid her face, still blushing a lot. The boys kept making her blush and everyone started laughing.

“Guys! Stop making me blush!” Madison laughed.

Niall chuckled and started to tickle Madison, making her laugh more.“Niall! I’m ticklish!”She said through laughter's.

Niall kept tickling her. “And I’m not stopping!” He said and laughed.

Madison kept laughing as the other boys of One Direction joined.

Zayn laughed. “Guys, we should stop and let her breathe.” He said. Him and the boys stopped.

Niall wrapped his arms around Madison as Madison smled and was breathing hard from the laughing she did.

Justin came in. “Hey guys! Niall, you’re dating Madison now?” He asked,happy and shocked.

Niall nodded. “Yeah, I asked her like 10 minutes ago.” He smiled.

“Well, congrats you two!” Justin said. “Madison,baby sis,more of your friends are here and mom has the cake ready for you.” He told her.

“Alright. Come on then.” Madison said and went to see her other friends. She was with Niall the whole time.

Cody had seen Madison with Niall and had gotten very jealous. He still liked Madison, a lot. He regretted breaking up with her for a fan he had gotten very close too.

Justin looked at Cody and walked up to him. “Look, Cody, try ruining her relationship with Niall, you’re going to talk to me.” He warned Cody.

Cody just laughed and looked at Justin. “I know that she didn’t move on from me. She’s just making me jealous.”

Justin laughed loudly. “Right.” He replied. “In your dreams. Plus, if she didn’t move on from you, she wouldn’t gone on many dates with Niall while they were just friends.”

Cody rolled his eyes.“Haha. She’s doing the thing Taylor and Selena told her to do huh?” He asked.

Justin nodded. “Yup, because it’s getting to know that person better.” He explained to Cody.

All Cody did was rolled his eyes. “Yeah, well whatever.” He said, getting mad. “I’ll win her back, one way or another.”

“It’s only the beginning,Cody.” Justin told Cody and left him to be alone.


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