Saved and loved

This story is about friendship, betray, hate and true love.
This story is about friends, parents, brothers, and the love of your life.
1 second can change your whole life.
Emmy Wonder knows all.
She's gonna meet 5 guys, but when she meet a blond one she feels good for once in her life.
Emmy's got in a bad accident, will one of the guys save her?
And will one love her?
Would she make new friends?
And would she finally let her past go?


2. Niall's story.

Niall's P.O.V.:

Liam wants to know the story, fine but i think he needs a shoulder to cry on, well that's what i need now.
"Ok here we go than." And the story started.

"7 days ago you and i went to the airport, right?
2 girls wants to get a picture but without me, and that hurts.
All the girls likes you guys.
They wants to hug you, not me.
That hurts, and i did bad stuff to myself." a tear roled over my face.

"Oh, but why didn't you tell us?
And what do you do to yourself?" he looks kind of worried but i saw the pain and tears in his eyes.

"Li, look.." i showed him the cuts.
"I cut myself, and all the fans send me death threats and they think One Direction is better without me.
And you, Lou, Zayn and even Harry now have a girlfriend and i don't have met mine, but i feel i'm gonna meet her soon.
She's not feeling good, she's down to so if my future girlfriend is down and i feel that, i'm down to." Liam looks a bit angry but cried also a bit.

"Niall why?
Why do you cut?
You can speak with me or the other mates, why didn't you do that?"

"Because i was so hurt, and i thought you guys think i'm weak if i should tell it.
It hurts when your in a band with 5 members and all the girls just want 4 of them and your the only one they don't want." when i said that all the boys came and listen.
"Listen mates, i love you very much, your my bro's but could you guys pleas help me to let the hate stop?
I have done everything for the fans: i had braces, i work out, i changed my hair and my clothes, isn't that enough?"

"Niall, you can be a fake perfect boy or a real inperfect boy, it's your choice, but if i can choose i want the real inperfect boy because your perfect to me." Lou said and singed "Little Things" for me.
All the mates agree: They want a real inperfect boy.
"Thanks, i really appreciate that, you know what Li give me the whole pizza." I said with a little smile.

We were singing in the car when suddenly we saw someone on a bench.
Would this be the girl i talked about to Li?
It kinda feels right..

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