Saved and loved

This story is about friendship, betray, hate and true love.
This story is about friends, parents, brothers, and the love of your life.
1 second can change your whole life.
Emmy Wonder knows all.
She's gonna meet 5 guys, but when she meet a blond one she feels good for once in her life.
Emmy's got in a bad accident, will one of the guys save her?
And will one love her?
Would she make new friends?
And would she finally let her past go?


1. So much problems.

Emmy's P.O.V:

5 days ago, i walked away from home because my father abused me.
He hit me very hard, he never slapped me that hard.
He first slapped me and said horrible things to me like: "Fat ass, Ugly peace of shit, Slut, Hoe" and that stuff.
Then he slapped me again and i felt of the stairs.
He runned after me and kicked in my belly and kicked to my head.
He walked away and i thought i was ready to die, at that moment my father carried me outside and threw me on the cold hard ground, said that i can never come back again, the last thing he trew at me were some clothes and other stuff.
I lay on the cold pavement trying to stand up.
When i realised i can't walk i craweld to a bench and sit there.
I watched how bad my injuries were.


That was the first night i slept one a bench.
I get used of it because i sleep on those for 5 days now.
No one looked for me, not even my brothers or my mom.
I think my brothers are with their friends and my mom is probably shopping.
Today i'm feeling really sick and i knew somethings gonna happen that night.
I lay on the bench and count the stars but i felt slowly asleep.


Paul's P.O.V:

We sitted in the car for 8 hours followd by screaming and passed out girls.
I was really tired and i think the boys were to.
The last few days Niall was a bit down and we all don't know what was wrong with Nialler.
When one of the mates are sick, tired or down, all the mates are.
Their like brothers to each other and i'm their daddy.
We we're kind of worried about Niall, he didn't say anything the last days, he only sing on concerts.

'Li, why don't you gonna talk to Niall?" i asked Liam
"I don't no Paul, but it's like one of us is just death.." I saw a tear running over Liam's face and i feel sad for the kid.
"I know, i feel the same way but someone needs to talk to him, right here, right now."
"Ok Paul, i'm gonna let our leprechaun shine again!"
"That's my boy." i wisperd.


Liam's P.O.V:

Paul said that i had to go talk with Niall so that's what i did.
I grabbed some food and walked to him.

"Hi there mate, do you want a piece of pizza?" i asked him but he didn't answerd me.
"Listen Niall, you can say ANYTHING to me you know that right?
Your like my little Irish brother, your the blond version of me, were the same you know that and i can halp you with your probl....."
"Li, just stop.
You don't have to do this, you don't even wanna know." Finally he speaks again but i don't get it.
"What are you talking about?" i asked a bit worried.
"You wanna know? You really wanna know? Fine i'm gonna tell you the whole story." He said and starts his story.

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