Is this fate

A girl called Chloe is in a foster home, her parents died. Her foster parents have a son called Ross aged 24 he hits her and threatens her... what happens when she runs away is it fate that she met Niall on that cold night..........

Sorry for any spelling mistakes

* <---means they are thinking this. xx


4. Josh Devine

Niall's POV-

I just got a text off Josh his house had just been set on fire by some nob heads. I offered him if he wanted to stay at ours and he said if its alright with us and he has bird now which is great her name is Ivy. she sounds really beautiful! I'm planning on asking Chloe out soon. The boys already know that but Lou and Zayn already have girl friends. Zayn's is called Leah and she has straight brown hair with hazel eyes and Lou's is called Jo she has brown eyes and brown hair but I don't know much about her because they only met the other week.

Chloe's POV-

I think I might ask Grace and Nicole if they want to stay with us for a bit but obviosly I'm going to ask the boys first. "Boys!!!! I need to speak to you all only quickly though." they all crowded round and I asked them and Liam and Harry's faces lit up. Good thing they all said yes! i asked Grace and Nicole and they said sure. YAYY MY 2 BEST FRIENDS AND MY NEW 5 BEST FRIENDS ALL TOGETHER THIS IS GOING TO BE GREAT!! Niall pulled me to the side after the guys had left and Nicole and Grace had to go get some clothes. You will never guess what he said to me!!!

Niall's POV-

"Chloe i know i have only known you for 2 days but ever since i saw you i wanted you to be mine so would you be my girlfriend?" "YES OH MY GOD YES" she replyed i was so happy and i guess Louis was spying on us because he came running in shouting YESS MATE he seemed over the moon as well.

Josh's POV-

I arrived at the front door with Ivy and the guys welcomed me in. It was like there was another Ivy but not the same if ya know what i mean. This Nicole girl she had the same colour hair and eyes!! but i love my Ivy. We settled down pretty quickly but then this girl that Niall introduced as Chloe came in and bloody hell she was quite. It was if she was scared of me. She is 19 and im 24 but it aint that much of a gap. Then Niall relised something, I wonder what?! Then he told me Chloe's past and i felt so bad for her. Niall said she will pprobably start to trust me once she gets to know me so i went over and she started shaking the poor thing. "Heyy Chloe, Im Josh. you dont kneed to be scared of me i wont hurt you i promise." "H-h-h-hey, J-j-j-josh." "I felt soo sorry for her she was soo scared. Chloe let me tell you now, I will never ever ever hurt you, Im not like Ross i promise."

Nicole's POV-

Ivy came and sat next to me. I talked to her and we got along great. I know from this moment all of us are going to be great friends. Lou shouted lets play Truth Or Dare and we all agreed. First was Niall. "HARRY.... truth or dare?" "ermm I think Truth?" OK THENN!! who do you fancy the most in the whole wide world right now at this very moemnt???" "Well errmmm i don't know how to say this but ermm Grace" He looked straight down and i saw grace smile and blush she definatly likes him... Harry chose Liam and Liam being Liam chose truth but Harry asked the exact same question as I did.... Copy cat but Liam answerd with Nicole I could se her blush and Smile she deffinatly liked him im sure of it.


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