Is this fate

A girl called Chloe is in a foster home, her parents died. Her foster parents have a son called Ross aged 24 he hits her and threatens her... what happens when she runs away is it fate that she met Niall on that cold night..........

Sorry for any spelling mistakes

* <---means they are thinking this. xx


2. Chapter 2

Louis's POV-

I instantly thought shit I really don't know what to do but I am the oldest I need to act calm *calm Lou think calm think calm* I wispered to Harry "Hazza go phone the police and I'll handel it from here" "K Lou" He tried to sneak out of the room he got half way there but Harry being Harry walked into the bloody table didn't he. Ross shouted "Chloe get your arse over here you little shit bag!" She took a step faward but Niall pulled her back and whispered something to her. She whispered something back and tears formed in his eyes but he let her go. I couldn't let her just go back to that shit hole of a house so I just stopped her and threw a punch at Ross.... SHIT I screamed I didnt know he had a bloody knife. I fell to the ground and blackness just surrounded me...

Zayn's POV-

Lou threw a punch at that Ross dude and he just screamed, I wonder what happened back there, I managed to sneak out of the front room and into the back room to phone the police. I came into the front room just as Ross was being taken away... Harry shouted we need an ambulence so I went and phoned it. They arrived and took Louis away god I hope he's ok.

Harry's POV-

I got every one in the car but Chloe looked so guilty. I dont blame her for what happened. I went over to her and told her it wasn't her fault but she wouldn't listen. She needs to know its not her fault. When we arrived at the hospital we asked for Louis Tomlinson, the reception lady said we can visit him in about 5 hours because he was in emergancy sergury. I hope he is alright. At this point we were all in tears especially Chloe. I told her its not her fault again but she just won't listen. The 5 hours felt like for ever. When we were finally aloud to see him Chloe's eyes lit up I don't think she likes him, well she likes him in a friend way but I mean I don't think she likes him in a crush way. I know Niall likes her, he told me and I could tell the way he kept looking at her. Well I don't blame him she is beautiful whith her brown hair that fell just below her shoulders and her glittering blue eyes- No I can't fall for her now I know Niall likes her... I was so glad to see Louis was awake and ok, I think we all were.

**the next day**

Liam's POV-

Lou came home we all anxiously waited while Hazza went and picked him up. Harry was gone about 15 minutes but it seemed like ages. When Louis walked thru the door with Harry's help we all crowded round and gave Lou a group hug but Chloe kept hold of him and I could see jelousy in Nialls eyes. I went over to him. "Nialler you all right bro?" "Oh yeah I'm fine Li, its just that ever since I saw Chloe I want her to be mine. I know we have only known her for a day but ya know I really like her" "All right I'll go have a word with her bout it , if thats ok with you." "Yeah thats fine if you don't mind."

Chloe's POV-

After I finished hugging Louis because I felt like all this was my fault. Liam came up to me and said he had to tell me something in private. We went into his room. "Chloe... I don't know how to tell you this, but Niall likes you." "Liam are you tricking me? I mean come on why would some one as hot as Niall like some one like me?" "Chloe I'm not tricking you I promise that Niall likes you and he got a bit jelous when you hugged Lou." "Really Niall likes ME?" "Yeah, I'm guessing you like him back then." "HELL YEAH" I think i shouted that a bit loud because Niall walked in and said What was all that shouting about?! I ran up to him and hugged him. I could tell he was smiling. We pulled away and just looked into each others eyes. Niall said " Thanx bro" to Liam.

Niall's POV-

"Chlo!!" "Yeah Nialler" "You need some clothes if ya want I'll take you shopping for some" "That would be great thanx" I took Chloe shopping, I picked out some trackie bottoms and a T-shirt with an Irish clover on for her just to doss about the house in. She picked out a grey and pink hoody with angel wrote on it and she got some white skinny jeans to go with that. I took her to JD and she got some white converse and I bought some nike high tops. We went to pound bakery for some dinner and we were just walking around Bury and the rock.

Chloe's POV- 

When me and Niall were walking around the rock, 2 girls came up to us. One was blonde and her hair was in a bob she had blue eyes, the other had brown hair that was like mine but with a bit of blonde in and she had bluey-green eyes. "excuse me but are you Chloe Saunders?" The girl with brown hair asked me. "Yes I am.... OH MY GOD NICOLE!!!" "YEAH!!!!!!!!, do you remember the blonde one?!" "GRACE!!!!!!!" "OH MY GOD CHLO I HAVN'T SEEN YOU IN AGES ME AND NICOLE HAVE MISSED YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!" Niall was awquadly stood there as we all caught up. "Chloe who is Nicole and Grace?" "Well Niall, you know how my parents died when I was 13, I went to Woodhey but when they died I had to move and Nicole and Grace were my best friends." "Ohh well why don't you ask them if they want to come back to ours for a bit?" "Kk Niall" "Nicy, Gracie do you wanna come back to Niall's house?" they both said sure so we made our way back.

Nicole's POV-

Oh my god I couldn't believe it. It was Chlo from school I missed her soo much and so did grace. All the memory's from being at school when we all used to hang out flooded back to me. I was so excited we thought we would never see Chloe again!!

Grace's POV-

Me and Nicole were so happy to see Chlo. I think I might have started crying while we were in the car. I was soooo happy.

Liam's POV-

When Chloe and Niall walked in they were followed by 2 girls. Chloe must have known them because they were just talking and looked so happy to gether. I must say I really liked the one with brown hair, with a bit of blonde in, especially the way her eyes were like blue merged in with green. I could tell Harry definatly liked the blonde one.

Nicole's POV-

When I walked in and I saw the boy with the shortest hair I really liked him. He had deep brown eyes you could easily get lost in and he looked perfect!! Chloe said there was Louis, who usually wore stripey T-shirts and red skinny jeans and suspenders. There was Liam, the one with the shortest hair and deep brown eyes. Niall the blonde one who is actually a brunnete. Harry the one with the curly hair I think Grace likes Harry. And then there was Zayn the one with the black quiff with a blonde streak down it.

Grace's POV-

When I walked through that door I saw the most georgous guy EVER!! he had brown curly hair which is my type and green eyes... I LOVE green eyes!! Chloe said there would be 4 other lads here called Harry, Liam, Zayn, Louis and then there was Niall who was with Chlo. They all introduced then selfs.

Harry's POV-

When Niall and Chloe walked thru the door there was a really REALLY hot blonde with them. She was mine. I winked at her and she blushed a little. I think she liked me but I think I will wait till I know her better before I make a move.









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