Is this fate

A girl called Chloe is in a foster home, her parents died. Her foster parents have a son called Ross aged 24 he hits her and threatens her... what happens when she runs away is it fate that she met Niall on that cold night..........

Sorry for any spelling mistakes

* <---means they are thinking this. xx


1. Chapter 1

Chloe's POV-

"Chloe get here now!" I could hear hime shout, I'm guessing Ross wants me to stand there while he punches me to take out his anger, again. I hate my life and I have done since I was 13 when my mum and dad died in that fire. I'm in a foster family now, but they already have a son so why do they want a 19 year old daughter? Jim and Mary are my foster parents but I hate them they actually allow Ross who is 24 to hit me a threaten me. I just wish I could run away from this horrible night mare. I would love to be able to go to college and make some friends but I'm not aloud. I think I might just run away.

**Later that night**

Every one is asleep now its about 1.30am. I sneak down stairs and out the front door. I start to run and dont stop till I'm at the park about 1 hour away from my house. Shit I've forgotten clothes and money but I'm not going back now. I'll have to make do and sleep here tonight. I hear someone softly singing and I turn around, on the bench next to me is a boy. He looks about 19 and has blonde hair but it looks like he is a natural brunnette because you can see the brown at his roots. If only I could see his eyes. He must have noticed me because he turns round to face me and we look into each others eyes. He has the most beautiful blue eyes in the world they are like an ocean I think I must have got lost in them because he said "You all right love" In his perfect Irish accent. "Oh err yeah im fine im Chloe whats your name?" "Niall, What are you doing here at this time of night" He replys, *should i tell him the truth? Well he looks trusting enough* "Oh erm im erm here because erm I ran away." I quickly look away. "If you don't mind me asking, why did you run away in the first place and where are you planning on going?" "Well I ran away from my foster parents because their 24 year old son punches, kicks, hits and threatens me. And I'm planning on spending the night here." "Well Chloe why don't you spend the night at mine and the boys house, there is Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn and me." "Well if you don't mind... But how old are they?" "Louis is 20, Liam and Zayn are 19 like me and Harry is 18 but 19 in febuary." "Well ok then are you sure you don't mind."

Niall's POV-

I was at the park, were I go to think and on the bench next to mine was this girl, she looked about my age and she had brown hair which was kinda curly/wavy and beautiful blue eyes. I needed to know why she was here and not at her home. She told me and I felt so bad for asking but at least I dont think she was lying. I just had to ask  her to come back to our place seen as she had no were to go.


"Chloe I will show you about tomorrow do you have any spare clothes to sleep in?" "No, Sorry." She replyed "Well its ok you can borrow one of my T-shirts, and you can sleep in my room I will sleep on the couch." "Niall, your being so kind but I will sleep on the couch and you have your room." "Fine but aslong as you won't mind being woken up by Louis he always watches the TV first in the morning and he is very noisy" "Niall, its ok I dont mind its your house so i go by your rules dont let me change your and the boys daily rutine."

**The next morning**

I was woken up by the sound of Louis shouting "Who is this?!" I  came running in and explained to Lou what happened he just sat there and listened and he seemed so shocked about this Ross and how he treated her. At lesast Chloe wont get hurt here. I don't know why but Chloe seems to trust me a bit more than the others. I think Louis took pity on her because he made her some breakfast, but he could just of been being nice since she has just came here. At that moment Harry, Liam and Zayn came running down the stairs and just stopped and looked suprised to see Chloe sat on the couch. Well I would be suprised to find a complete stranger sat on the couch talking to Louis at this time. Liam came over and inntroduced himself and then so did Harry and Zayn. Chloe told them what had happened but Harry saw me looking at her so he shouted "NIALL HAS A CRUSH ON CHLOE!!" At that point the phone rang and I answered...

~Niall: Hello

Voice: If this is the dude that found Chloe you better send her home or else there will be trouble..

Niall: Is this Ross?!

Voice: Yes so I'm guessing Chloe is with you then!

Niall: How did you know

Ross: I saw Chloe run off and I've been ringing up numbers and asking and now I know who she is with so bring her back now I'm telling you there will be trouble!

Niall: No I'm not letting her go back to that shit hole you live in all you want to do is punch her~ and with that I hung up.

**1 hour later**

Chloe's POV-

We heard a knock at the door and Harry went and answered, we heard a crash and an angry Ross was stood looking at me. "Guys keep him away from Chloe he pushed past me asking for her but when he said this is Ross I knew not to let him in but he just pushed passed me!"... I screamed and Niall held my hand, it comforted me a little bit but I was still terrified what was going to happen?...

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