Is this fate

A girl called Chloe is in a foster home, her parents died. Her foster parents have a son called Ross aged 24 he hits her and threatens her... what happens when she runs away is it fate that she met Niall on that cold night..........

Sorry for any spelling mistakes

* <---means they are thinking this. xx


6. A/N.........Sorry......

A/N- Im sorry for not updating in ages but i am really bad at writing, i thought because this would be about something i love (one direction) i would be better but im not i will update when i can but that might not be for a while because i need ideas and im really bad at thinking of them but when i do think of them they will be put into this fanfic strate away x x x

I will try my hardest to keep updating often but at the moment it probably wont be soon x x x

Nicy x x x

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