Is this fate

A girl called Chloe is in a foster home, her parents died. Her foster parents have a son called Ross aged 24 he hits her and threatens her... what happens when she runs away is it fate that she met Niall on that cold night..........

Sorry for any spelling mistakes

* <---means they are thinking this. xx


3. A/N

Heyy guys I really need some ideas for what can happen next. If ya have any just send them to me on kik. My kik is: nicoleloves1dxx

If you want me 2 read any of your own fanfics send me the name on kik and i will read it. I have chose:

Jo to be Zayn's gf (1Dfangal_)

Austin mahone wife to be Louis's gf but i need your name and eye colour and hair colour or I will have to make a name up, hair colour up and eye colour up for you xx


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