Maddie Lynn is a heartbreaker to say the least. Her dark brunette hair and huge, blue puppy-dog eyes could make anyone love her, girls included. She didn’t pride herself in her looks though, but rather in her kind personality, not believing that she had the looks of what everyone described.
Maddie is humble and prefers to give than to get. She is constantly donating her money to good causes, rather than diamonds and shoes.
She and Liam James Payne were always giving together until the X Factor came and he was soon put into a band which escalated in popularity to become the biggest boy band in the world. She broke up with him before the audition. But that seemed to be her biggest mistake.
Two years later, after Liam had been dating a girl for that long, Liam announces his wedding date to Fiona Lenni and invites Maddie. After being hung up on Liam for two years, Maddie is at a loss for what to do.
Trouble arisesand Maddie finds herself interrupting a wedding…


3. The Last Show


Claire Belana played with my hair, attacking it with brushes and hair ties with big pink beads, pulling at my hair and forming it into two perfect, little girl pig tails. She coated my face in make-up, making me look perfect and complimenting me on my 'perfect' complexion. 

"Last show," She commented excitedly, "Make it count, dear."

Claire soon left and I put my purple, little girl dress over my black leotard with knee-length legs and no sleeves, just straps. I put on the purple dolly-shoes and walked down stairs, nervous beyond belief but wearing a smile. I grabbed some programs from the front door-ticket seller and started offering to people to buy them. They were cheap compared to normal show programs, yet these were so much better. The pictures are a better quality and the information is interesting.

Hillary and her family arrived soon, along with my other best friend, Jamie Knight. Jamie is as beautiful as Hillary. Her green eyes sparkle happily all the time and the room is always bright when she's in it, plus the smell of cinnamon would instantly surround you. Her dirty blonde hair was pulled into a tight pony tailed and I hugged my friends carefully. I sold programs for another minute before someone else took over and I was called to stage.

I stood on OP side and tried to clear my head, shaking my hands out and trying my best to relax. Voices boomed on stage and the show had began. It would have been an average performance, even for the last show, if it weren't for my sudden uplift in energy when I walked on stage. In the first row was my friends and family, but more than that, there were brown eyes staring at me as I did my prologue and was theatrically 'raped'. Brown eyes that made me smile and I felt my heart melt. There was Liam James Payne, in the first row, watching me.  

•~♥~• •~♥~• •~♥~•  

I smiled as the mother of the little girl with me took a picture. I hugged the girl and waved good-bye as another person came to me, asking for a picture. This was my favourite part. Interacting with the audience and thanking people for coming to watch our show. The little kids seemed to really like me, although I'm skeptical about why their parents brought them to such an old show. I don't mean old, like DINOSAUR old, but it's for an older audience.

I waved good-bye to yet another little girl and I felt a shadow cast over me. A figure stood before me as I leaned down to wave to a little child and I felt myself tighten. I looked up and there was Liam, his familiar scent filling my nose immediately.

"Hello, Maddilyn," Liam smiled, "You were amazing."

"Thanks," I blushed and prayed my secret didn't burst, "I can't believe you made it."

"I'd never miss something you were this excited about," Liam laughed, "You're coming to the wedding, right?"

I gulped. What was I supposed to say? I couldn't tell him the truth, but I can't lie. Lying is bad and the truth sounds weird. How do you tell someone that you can't decide if you should go to their wedding because you love them and it'll be painful? I sighed and bit my lip, staring into his brown eyes and my resolve melted.

"Probably," I replied.

"I hope you do," Liam blushed, "I really want you there."

"Then I'll be there," I nodded, "Promise."

Liam smiled and hugged me tightly. He promised we'd get together before he leaves again and left for his hotel. I wanted to curl into a ball and cry, but I had to keep a smile for the people around me and I saw Hillary and Jamie smiling at me in a knowing way. I sighed and closed my eyes.

Nine more days
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