Maddie Lynn is a heartbreaker to say the least. Her dark brunette hair and huge, blue puppy-dog eyes could make anyone love her, girls included. She didn’t pride herself in her looks though, but rather in her kind personality, not believing that she had the looks of what everyone described.
Maddie is humble and prefers to give than to get. She is constantly donating her money to good causes, rather than diamonds and shoes.
She and Liam James Payne were always giving together until the X Factor came and he was soon put into a band which escalated in popularity to become the biggest boy band in the world. She broke up with him before the audition. But that seemed to be her biggest mistake.
Two years later, after Liam had been dating a girl for that long, Liam announces his wedding date to Fiona Lenni and invites Maddie. After being hung up on Liam for two years, Maddie is at a loss for what to do.
Trouble arisesand Maddie finds herself interrupting a wedding…


2. Julia Henderson and Josh Valentine

"Hey, um, Maddie," A girl with red hair and a face full of freckles appeared next to me and she seemed nervous. 

"Hello," I smiled, not wanting to seem rude, even though I didn't know this girl at all.

"I'm Julia and, um," She stammered and I kept smiling so that she knew I was friendly but all she did was blush, "D-d'you want to hang out sometime?"

I smiled even brighter and nodded, always willing to make new friends at any time. I wrote my number down on a piece of scrap paper and handed it to her.

"Text me a time and place and I'll let you know," I told her and she bit her lip, nodding happily, "I'll see you soon."

I waved as she walked off and returned to swapping my books in my locker, frowning at my pictures that adorned the inside of the locker door. Pictures of Liam and I or just Liam. I'm hung up over a man who's getting married, isn't that wonderful? No, it's painful, plain painful.

"Maddie," My friend, Hillary, appeared behind me and I quickly shut my locker, "Why were you talking to Julia Henderson?"

"She seems sweet," I smiled, "Wanted to hang out."

Hillary Tersiraé is probably the prettiest person in the world. Her hair is long, flowing till mid-butt, and a beautifully pure blonde and her eyes were an amazing Hazel. She smiles at only a few things, but when she does smile, it lights up the room.

"You do understand that Julia Henderson is Lesbian, right?" Hillary demanded with a laugh, "She wants to go out with you."

"Hillary, don't make assumptions, it's not nice. First of all, do you know for a fact that she's lesbian," Hillary nodded, "Okay, why do you think she wants to date me? Maybe she just wants to be friends."

"I know because EVERYONE wants to date you! Honestly, Maddie, wake up and realise that you're basically a goddess walking among less than average people."

I rolled my eyes and we started walking down the hall to our register class, which we shared, along with Math, English and art. Everyone keeps describing me as the most beautiful person in the world, but I'm sure it's not true. Hillary, and everyone else on this planet, loves to make up stuff. She'd be a particularly good author with her imagination.  

•~♥~• •~♥~• •~♥~•  

As I sat in science, my hand darted over my exam pad page at lightening speed, trying to keep up with Mr Duvaal's quick voice and writing. I'm possibly the only person actually taking notes, but it can't hurt to have reference when studying. I felt a tap on my shoulder as Mr Duvaal took a break, giving us time to catch up, and I turned to see the girl behind me passing a note to me. Note passing isn't against Mr Duvaal's rules, in fact he encourages it so that no one actually TALKS, so I took it and unfolded it carefully.

Hey, Maddie, Wanna go out? - Josh

Josh Valentine is one of the popular boys at this school and is actually typical. I'm popular, yes, but I'm not typical. I looked back at him, his scene styled black hair and brown eyes. He's honestly not my type.

No, thank you - Maddie I sent the note back and continued writing notes as Mr Duvaal continued.

No one understood why I said no to boys like Josh and Adrian Blake. They're not my type and I'm pretty sure they're two of the boys who used to bully Liam and I when we were younger. That's why I love Liam. He knows my past as well as I know his because he lived through it with me. These boys... they don't know the reason I'm so nice and they obviously don't remember when they constantly bullied a little version of me.

Why not? - Josh

I sighed, running my hand through my dark brunette, almost black, hair in frustration. I pushed my prescription NERDZ up my nose and replied to him, still nicely.

I don't really date guys who bully people. - Maddie

I sent it back and didn't receive anything back, so obviously that was the end of that. After science, I rushed off to Drama and then Art before heading home, one thing running through my brain the whole way home.

Twenty more days
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